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New Chavah feature: Sign-in

Shalom, Messianic music fans.Yesterday we rolled out a brand new Chavah feature: sign-in.(Notice the “Sign in” on the right)Have you ever listened to Chavah on more than one device? Maybe you listen on your PC and your tablet. Or maybe on your Mac and your mobile phone?If you have, there’s a problem: all your likes aren’t there on your other devices. All the songs you “liked” on your PC don’t show as “liked” on your tablet, for instance.Sign-In fixes that.You can now Sign-In on each device, letting you keep your likes and dislikes on all your devices.Cool, yeah?Here’s how to sign-in:Click the “Sign in” link in the top-left corner of the screen:
Clicking sign-in will bring up the sign-in screen:

Put in your email address. You may be asked to verify your email address. For example, if you have a Gmail address, it may ask you to verify your Gmail name and password.You’re done! You should see your signed-in status in the top-left of the screen:

notesIt’s simplified: you don’t need a …

New music: Ted Pearce – Warsaw Sessions

Ted Pearce – Warsaw SessionsWe’re really indebted to Ted Pearce, who reached out to us at Chavah Messianic Radio and contributed his latest professional and spirit-filled works to the station, to the benefit of you, the fine Messianic music aficionado. That’s Ted for you:Ted is one of the very best Messianic musicians. As I told him, I tell you: Ted’s got 8 songs in the top 70 ranked songs on Chavah, in plain English, he’s one of the best Messianic musicians according to you Chavah fans.I bet the number of Ted Pearce songs in the top 70 is going to increase with this new music he’s sending us.The first album he’s sent us is Warsaw Sessions, performed with Cultural Xchange. Here’s the press release:Beginning in Feb 2013, recording artist Ted Pearce started work on a series of recordings in Hollywood California, Warsaw Poland, and Jerusalem Israel. These various recordings featured a wide variety of musicians & genres, as the influences of each city and culture were manifest in the …

New music: James Block - Selah

Shalom, fine Chavah fans. We've loaded Chavah up with some brand new music from James Block, a recording artist from Jerusalem.James Block - Selah
Enjoy, fine Chavah fans!

New music: Devora Clark - Spirit Filled Israel

Even more new music for you fine Chavah fans. Messianic music artist, radio show host, and Chavah fan herself, Devora Clark, has contributed songs from her new album to Chavah:Devora Clark - Spirit Filled Israel
Devora has a nice thing going: you can purchase her music at and in doing so, you can benefit Messiah's musicians or optionally, the Helping Hand Coalition charity.I hope you enjoy her new music, fine Chavah listener.

New music: Maranatha Singers–Messianic Praise

New music on Chavah. Or rather, some old classics making their way onto the best Messianic radio on the web. :-)Maranatha Singers – Messianic PraiseWe’ve had the first half of this album on Chavah for some time, but now are proud to host the whole collection.Enjoy!

Giving thanks: Betty M.

Greetings!  I’m a HUGE fan of Chava Messianic Radio since August.  Glorious music.  I discovered your website on a Shabbat, and I cried the whole time I listened because the music was so anointed!  I’m wondering if you are also on Sirius radio so I can play your music while in my vehicle?  If not, any plans to also broadcast on Sirius at any point in the near future?  I also have a home Sirius radio, so I would play your music from sunup to sundown!  I’ve shared your website w/all my Messianic friends – some already knew about it, some didn’t.  They ALL LUV it, too!Also, I recently noticed Kirk and Deby Dearman playing from Kirk’s latest recording.  I knew Kirk and Deby back in the 80’s when he was our praise and worship director at a church I attended in Dallas.  Anointed couple!  His songs are so glorious and melodious.  I doubt they are Messianic at this point, but just hearing his latest work on your website is encouraging!  I’m praying for them to make the transition in Abba’s pe…

New music: Benjamin Hersh – Fulfilled Promise

Shalom and shavua tov, fine Chavah fans.More new music added to the station: an oldie, a piano music album with some classic songs of Zion (Jerusalem of Gold, Hine Ma Tov). Benjamin Hersh – Fulfilled Promise
Enjoy, fine Messianic music fans!

New music: Messianic Praise – Sing & Rejoice

More new music rollout. We've added an oldie, but a goodie: Messianic Praise - Sing & Rejoice
Enjoy the oldie tunes for Messiah, fine Chavah fans.

New music: Teshuva - Return

New music? Yessir!Teshuva has contributed their 2nd album to Chavah Messianic Radio, in the form of their new work entitled Return. They’ve got a modern sound, rich and vibrant. Check them out!Enjoy, fine Chavah fans!

New music: Chesed – Prayers of the Prophets

Newcomer and songwriter Chesed has contributed her music to Chavah with 3 songs from the prophets and disciples:Chesed – Prayers of the ProphetsEnjoy, fine Chavah fans!

New music: Kendra Martin–Eshpokh Et-Nafshi (I Poured Out My Soul)

More new music. Newcomer Kendra Martin has contributed her music to the station. I gave it a listen and really liked it. I think you will too:Enjoy, fine Chavah fans!

New music: Les Morrison–Messianic Violin

Shalom, Chavah fans. Fresh new music on Chavah Messianic Radio today: Les Morrison’s instrumental album, Messianic Violin:Morrison gives a fresh, violin-infused take on Messianic classics, such as Baruch Adonai, Kadosh, and others.Enjoy!

FAQ: How can I share a song on my blog?

So you found a great song on Chavah, and you want to share it on your blog?Simple:Click the share button:

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Giving thanks: Bill & Teri M.

“I just discovered your radio station and can't express how excited I am!! I've been so frustrated trying to input Messianic songs in other stations and never getting anywhere. I can't wait to purchase the songs I've only been able to find on You Tube. I'm sharing this treasure with all my friends!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Shalom!”

Bill & Teri M. from New Mexico

New music from Israel: Keren Silver – Show Me Your Glory

Fine Messianic music fan, you and I are now blessed and graced with fresh music from Israel. Our new friends Stefan and Keren Silver have been kind enough to contribute their music for play on Chavah Messianic Radio. Toda raba, Stefan and Keren!Keren Silver – Show Me Your GloryThis is Hebrew music for Messiah, beautiful, vibrant and professionally done. I think you guys will enjoy!Please support Messiah’s musicians in Israel by purchasing Keren Silver’s album here for an easy $15, or $0.99/download.

New music: Baht Rivka Whitten – My Soul Thirsts For You

Our friend from Israel, Baht Rivka Whitten, has just released her 2nd album, My Soul Thirsts For You. We spoke with Rivka last week, and she was kind and generous enough to send us her CD free of charge for play on Chavah Messianic Radio.Baht Rivka Whitten – My Soul Thirsts for YouNot only that, but the Whitten’s were so kind, they opened their shabbat dinner table to my family during our Israel visit next month. Such hospitality is the sort of thing that ought to characterize God’s people.I just gave the album a listen, and wow - it’s destined to a popular one on Chavah. Bold, clear message for Messiah. Hebrew and English. Crisp, professionally done. This is going to be one of my favorites.People that give, give, give should be paid, paid, paid. Support Messiah’s musicians in Israel: purchase Rivka Whitten – My Soul Thirsts For You for an easy $20. Toda raba to Rivka Whitten and to you fine Messianic music lovers for supporting her work for the Lord.

New music from Shel Zahav

Shalom, folks. Some independent Messianic musicians have been kind enough to contribute their music to Chavah Messianic Radio:Check out the band over at shelzahav.comThanks to Shel Zahav for contributing their music! And enjoy, fine Messianic music fans.

New music: Sally Klein O’Connor – Soul Arise

Shavua tov, fine Chavah fans.We’ve got some great new Messianic music lined up for you on Chavah this week. Our friend and longtime Messianic musician Sally Klein O’Connor contributed to the station her new album, Soul Arise:Sally is a Messianic musician and Jewish believer in Messiah. She has been laboring for the Lord through music for over 20 years; we encourage you to support her by purchasing her album.Todah, and enjoy!

New music: Matthew Hall – Aviv Worship

It seems we add new music every week here at Chavah Messianic Radio. We hope you’re enjoying the fresh tunes for the Lord!This week we have music from our friend Matthew Hall, a live album of pure worship. I think you fine Chavah fans will enjoy:Matthew Hall – Aviv WorshipTodah to Matthew for contributing his music to Chavah. (And thanks for contributing the music chords to our sister siste,!)Enjoy, fine Chavah fans.

New music: Bruce & Lynne Patterson – A Praise on Earth

Shalom, Chavah fans. More new music coming your way. Our friends and seasoned musicians Bruce & Lynne Patterson have graciously sent us their album, A Praise On Earth, for play on Chavah:Bruce & Lynne Patterson – A Praise on EarthWe’ve been playing a few of their tunes on a compilation album – but now we have the whole Praise on Earth album, oh yes!Todah rabah to Bruce & Lynne for contributing their tunes to Chavah Messianic Radio.You can purchase Bruce & Lynne’s music over at Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians.

New music: Kol Simcha - Be Strong, Chazak!

More new music rollout! We’ve added great new music to the station: a classic oldie entitled Be Strong Chazak! by Kol Simcha.This is the album that has inspired numerous remakes you may have heard from new artists. For example, all these songs originated on the Chazak album:Am Echad by Ted PearceAdonai by Paul WilburFavor on Zion by Kathy ShoosterHallelu Et Adonai by Ted PearceAll these hits started right here, on this classic album from Kol Simcha.A special thanks to our buddy Zachary Sullivan @xaksullivan for helping us procure this album. You can purchase Kol Simcha’s music here.Shabbat shalom, fine Messianic music fans.

New music: Sons of Avi – Dance for Joy

Boy, we sure are on a music-addin’ rampage, aren’t we? 10 albums in the last week or so. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!Today, we have new music from Sons of Avi, a new Messianic group based in Minnesota (right near us!). Band member Leslie Elias sent the tunes our way for play on Chavah – thanks Leslie!

Sons of Avi – Dance for JoyFine Chavah fans, if you will, give a listen to Sons of Avi, and if you like it, purchase their album at SonsOfAvi.comTodah, Messianic music aficionados!

New music: Troy Mitchell – Light of the World

Shalom, Chavah fans! We’ve added Troy Mitchell’s new (awesome!) Messianic music album to the station. Troy is a friend of mine, and I’ve written a little review of his new album below, cross-posted from the Kineti blog.Please, please, please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Light of the World for an easy $15. (Listen to his songs on Chavah, and if you like it, click the ‘heart’ icon to purchase.)(Can’t afford it? Email me, I’ll buy you a copy courtesy of Chavah Messianic Radio.)Below is my review of Troy’s new album. Enjoy!“May You shine a new light upon Zion
And may we all quickly merit its light.”
-Troy Mitchell’s “Or Chadash”, based on a Siddur prayerLast week, my buddy and fellow Minnesotan musician Troy Mitchell released one of the best Messianic albums I’ve heard in a long while: Light of the World. Listen to samples below and hear my thoughts on the songs, I think you fine Kineti readers will enjoy.IntroI got a chance to attend Mitchell’s album release party last week. …

New music: Miskanim – Redemption

Yet more music on Chavah Messianic Radio. Our friends and seasoned Messianic music veterans Howie & Aline have released a new album, their 3rd Messianic album, entitled Redemption.We at Chavah Messianic Radio are proud to be one of the financial backers of this album during its early stages of development, and we’re glad to see this album come to fruition.I encourage you guys to help out Messiah's musicians by purchasing their new album for $15. Enjoy!

New music: Loree Brownfield–The Promise Completed

More new music on Chavah! This is album #2 of several that will be added to the station this week.We welcome a new artist and a new album to Chavah: independent artist and Messianic Jewish believer Loree Brownfield has contributed her music.12 songs on a compilation album entitled, “The Promise Completed”:Loree Brownfield – The Promise CompletedTodah, Loree! Fine Chavah fans, enjoy the fresh tunes for Messiah! Her album is available through her ministry’s Facebook page.

New music: Teresa Thomas – Upon Your Shore

Shalom, fine Chavah fans. It’s been a month or two since we added new music. Our fault! Chavah had a major upgrade about 2 months ago, during which time the upload functionality broke.Not to fear, I worked liked crazy today (no worries, it’s not shabbat yet!) to get things back up and running right. And now I’m pleased to announce the first of several albums added to the station this week:Teresa Thomas – Upon Your ShoreI think you’ll love Teresa’s songs for Messiah: with songs like “Road to Jerusalem”, “Holy One of Israel”, and “Passover Promise”, there are bound to be some Chavah classics in the making.Like what you hear? Please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Teresa’s music for name-your-price.Shalom, Messianic music fans!

New music: Lev Shelo - Proclamation

And yet more new music still. We’re stoked, thrilled, positively joyful in the Lord that popular artist Lev Shelo has contributed their new album, Proclamation, for play on Chavah:Lev Shelo – ProclamationLev Shelo is one of the most popular artists on Chavah, virtually all their songs are ranked +50 or higher by the international Messianic community on Chavah.Can’t wait to listen through their new album – from the bits I’ve heard so far, it’s going to top even their last album.If you like the music, support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing the album for $9.99 instant download or $15 for the CD.Shalom, disciples of Yeshua and Messiah music lovers.

New music: Jaymie Bellet

Shalom, Chavan fans,We’ve got some brand new music for you. Messianic Jewish believer Jaymie Bellet has contributed her 2 albums to Chavah. She writes,“I would be happy to send you a copy of both my CDs (I say 'mine' but they're His actually). I would be honored to be on Chavah in such great company (Faith Yesner from Kol Simcha is a friend of mine. In a completely true and comic circumstance, we both played nuns in a local production of the Sound of Music, years ago. Messianic Jews in habits - how often does THAT happen?)”Awesome! Thanks, Jaymie. Her tunes come in the form of 2 albums for the Lord:Jaymie Bellet – No One Ever Spoke Like This Man:And a new album, Jaymie Bellet – The Dedication:
Todah, Jaymie. And fine Chavah fans, if you enjoy her music, support her! It’s good for Messiah’s people to support Messiah’s musicians: purchase her albums from YeshuaIsMySong.comEnjoy, fine Chavah fans.

New music: Lamb - Favorites, Lamb - Come Let Us Celebrate

Lamb is perhaps the most well-known group in Messianic music, having pioneered the genre during the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and even an album in the current century. (Yes, 4 decades of music service to the Lord – hallelu!)You might say Lamb is the Beatles of the Messianic genre. (Stuart Dauermann, then, would be Elvis. :-))On Chavah Messianic Radio, we’re please to bring Lamb’s tune to the new generation. We’ve rounded out our collection of old school classic Lamb on Chavah Messianic Radio with the additions of these 2 compilation albums:Lamb – Favorites:
Lamb – The Year of Jubilee:
Do you think it’s worth supporting a group that has served the Lord for 4 decades? I think so, too. Purchase their music on – thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!