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Giving thanks: Neil & Pam C.

Dear Chavah listeners,  I occasionally receive mail from you all thanking me for Chavah. It's a bright spot in my week when I read them. Neil & Pam C. sent me this letter recently along with a donation: Judah, "Thanks" is not enough for your labor in producing and maintaining Chavah. Truly a labor of love for Adonai and His followers. Blessings + Shalom, Neil + Pam Neil & Pam, this brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you! I'm glad Chavah is a blessing to you both. If there's any good here, it's credited to the King. Thanks for this kind letter of encouragement! I put your donation into Messiah's Music Fund for distribution to the artists on Chavah. 💖 Now, back to work, but with a smile on my face.

Chavah 2.1 for iOS now available

I'm glad to report we've deployed a new version of  Chavah app for iOS just this morning. You might ask, "Didn't you just deploy a new version of Chavah for iOS last month?" Yes, we did , and then Apple promptly shipped a new version of iOS, 17.2.1, that broke Chavah . Specifically, if Chavah was in the background, or if your phone screen was locked, Chavah wouldn't play the next song. This was a bug introduced by Apple for all web-based audio apps like Chavah. We've reported the issue to Apple and do hope it'll be fixed soon. In the meantime, today we shipped a new version of Chavah that works around Apple's bug. So, if you have an iPhone and you listen to Chavah, grab the latest version of Chavah from the App Store. With it, you'll be able to play songs regardless of whether Chavah is in the background.

You donated $767 to Messiah's musicians in December

Shalom dear Chavah fans, I’m glad to report that as part of Messiah’s Music Fund , you all have donated $767 to Messianic musicians last month. Thank you, friends! Here are the exact figures: $462 in monthly donations - from 59 individuals who donate monthly to Messiah’s Music Fund. A special thank you to new monthly donors Vania, Rich D. and Carol S. 💖 $225 in one-time donations - from Donald & Bonnie B., Rebecca J., Neil & Pam C. $40 in donations to individual artists from Melissa C. and David W. $100 from myself Since Messiah’s Music Fund began in August of 2020, you fine listeners have donated $34,845 to Messiah’s musicians . Yes! Hallelu! Thank you, listeners, for being such a blessing to the Messianic musicians around the world. As a reminder, we distribute funds based on the number of times an artist’s songs are played on Chavah. Artists whose songs play more often on Chavah receive more financial support. Payment is distributed when a $10 threshold is reach

New music: Sons of Korah - Man of Sorrows

Shalom dear Chavah listeners, and happy 2024 to you.  We've added some fresh new music on the station that I'm certain you'll love. Sons of Korah - Man of Sorrows The group describes this new album: We find, in the Psalms, a deep joy that subsists in deep sorrow. The psalmist was always a man of joy because he was first a man of sorrows. He sowed in tears and reaped with joy (Psalm 126:5). Perhaps the most important thing for us today then, is not the pursuit of happiness, but the pursuit of sadness. The psalms invite us to share in the joy of God by first sharing his grief. It is a grief he bore most visibly in Jesus Christ who “was pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities.” In this age sorrow and joy belong together and it cannot be otherwise. If we anaesthetize the sorrow, we forfeit the joy. Man of Sorrows – the latest Album from Sons of Korah, like all we have released before, is an invitation to venture into deeper places of divine sorrow and divi