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You donated $779 to Messiah's musicians in February

Shalom Chavah listeners, As part of Messiah’s Music Fund , you fine folks have donated $779 to Messianic musicians last month (February 2024). Thank you, friends! Here are the exact figures: $465 in monthly donations - from 61 individuals who donate monthly to Messiah’s Music Fund. A special thank you to new monthly donors Luisa, Sandy, and Ray. Thanks folks! $157 in one-time donations - from Donald & Bonnie B., Melissa C., and Neil D… $30 in donations to individual artists from David W to artist Sally Klein O’Connor. $100 from myself Since Messiah’s Music Fund began in August of 2020, you fine listeners have donated $36,327 to Messiah’s musicians . Hallelu! Thank you so much, friends, for being such a blessing to the Messianic musicians around the world. As a reminder, we distribute funds based on the number of times an artist’s songs are played on Chavah. Artists whose songs play more often on Chavah receive more financial support. Payment is distributed when a $10 th

New music: Zachary Bruno - Dawn Light

Shalom dear Chavah listeners, New music on the station for your joyful encouragement.  Zachary Bruno - Dawn Light This album is created by a friend of the station and talented young man, Zachary Bruno. I met Zach at Proclaim Messianic Music Festival  a few years ago and was blown away by the beautiful, stirring piano instrumentals he uses to glorify God. This album reflects that beauty. It received critical acclaim as well, being named piano solo's album of the year when it was released. Enjoy this special, beautiful music for the King, dear friends.