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New music: Kol Simcha - Be Strong, Chazak!

More new music rollout! We’ve added great new music to the station: a classic oldie entitled Be Strong Chazak! by Kol Simcha. This is the album that has inspired numerous remakes you may have heard from new artists. For example, all these songs originated on the Chazak album: Am Echad by Ted Pearce Adonai by Paul Wilbur Favor on Zion by Kathy Shooster Hallelu Et Adonai by Ted Pearce All these hits started right here, on this classic album from Kol Simcha. A special thanks to our buddy Zachary Sullivan @xaksullivan for helping us procure this album. You can purchase Kol Simcha’s music here . Shabbat shalom, fine Messianic music fans.

New music: Sons of Avi – Dance for Joy

Boy, we sure are on a music-addin’ rampage, aren’t we? 10 albums in the last week or so. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Today, we have new music from Sons of Avi, a new Messianic group based in Minnesota (right near us!). Band member Leslie Elias sent the tunes our way for play on Chavah – thanks Leslie! Sons of Avi – Dance for Joy Fine Chavah fans, if you will, give a listen to Sons of Avi, and if you like it, purchase their album at Todah, Messianic music aficionados!

New music: Troy Mitchell – Light of the World

Shalom, Chavah fans! We’ve added Troy Mitchell’s new (awesome!) Messianic music album to the station. Troy is a friend of mine, and I’ve written a little review of his new album below, cross-posted from the Kineti blog . Please, please, please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Light of the World for an easy $15. (Listen to his songs on Chavah, and if you like it, click the ‘heart’ icon to purchase.) (Can’t afford it? Email me , I’ll buy you a copy courtesy of Chavah Messianic Radio.) Below is my review of Troy’s new album. Enjoy! “May You shine a new light upon Zion And may we all quickly merit its light.” -Troy Mitchell’s “Or Chadash”, based on a Siddur prayer Last week, my buddy and fellow Minnesotan musician Troy Mitchell released one of the best Messianic albums I’ve heard in a long while: Light of the World . Listen to samples below and hear my thoughts on the songs, I think you fine Kineti readers will enjoy. Intro I got a chance to attend Mitchell’s album

New music: Miskanim – Redemption

Yet more music on Chavah Messianic Radio. Our friends and seasoned Messianic music veterans Howie & Aline have released a new album, their 3rd Messianic album, entitled Redemption. We at Chavah Messianic Radio are proud to be one of the financial backers of this album during its early stages of development, and we’re glad to see this album come to fruition. I encourage you guys to help out Messiah's musicians by purchasing their new album for $15 . Enjoy!

New music: Teresa Thomas – Upon Your Shore

Shalom, fine Chavah fans. It’s been a month or two since we added new music. Our fault! Chavah had a major upgrade about 2 months ago, during which time the upload functionality broke. Not to fear, I worked liked crazy today (no worries, it’s not shabbat yet!) to get things back up and running right. And now I’m pleased to announce the first of several albums added to the station this week: Teresa Thomas – Upon Your Shore I think you’ll love Teresa’s songs for Messiah: with songs like “Road to Jerusalem”, “Holy One of Israel”, and “Passover Promise”, there are bound to be some Chavah classics in the making. Like what you hear? Please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Teresa’s music for name-your-price . Shalom, Messianic music fans!