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New music: Phil Plotnek – Simchu b’Adonai

Just in time for Sukkot, some new music to add to your joy. Messianic Jewish leader Phil Plotnek has been kind enough to send us his album, Simchu b'Adonai (Rejoice in the Lord) I think you guys will like his unique style of praise! Purchase Phil's music here . Enjoy the new tunes for Messiah!

New Music: Barry & Batya Segal - Day 7

Fine Chavah fans, a little gift for you as we approach the holy days: I’m pleased, stoked, exuberant, and perhaps overly joyful to bring you something long waited for in the Messianic music community: Barry & Batya Segal – Day 7 Barry & Batya Segal are well-known in the Messianic music world, in fact, their music ranks as some of the top ranked music on Chavah , with 4 of their songs making the top 25 ranked tunes of all time on Chavah: #4 rank: We Delight In Your Shabbat #8 rank: Kadosh #20 rank: Hodu L’Adonai #22 rank: Halleu Et Adonai And, coincidentally, they have 7 songs in the top 70 ! (Hey, maybe that’s a sign?) The Messianic music community has long waited for a follow-up to their previous hits, and now the Segals have delivered. I love the music on this new album, focusing on God’s sabbath rest. I think you guys will too! Buy the album here for a cool $17 . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!