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New music: Misha Goetz - A Time for Everything

Shalom fine Messianic music fans, I'm glad to report fresh new music streaming on the station: Misha Goetz - A Time for Everything This new album features 10 fresh songs by the talented Messianic Jewish singer and songwriter Misha Goetz Hoyt. She's joined on the album her famed father, Marty Goetz. Messianic artists Joshua Aaron also contributes to this album on "God Almighty Reigns." And Shae (Chernoff) Wilbur, daughter of Messianic music pioneer Joel Chernoff and daughter-in-law to Paul Wilbur, also contributes to this beautiful work for Messiah on the 4th song, Shema, as well as background vocals on the album. The album features a few beautiful new takes on songs you may have heard before: a choral version of the Aaronic Benediction, and a new twist on the Shema. Yet the bulk of this new rich album are brand new fresh songs, sure to be welcomed by the worldwide Messianic community. I think my favorite is Baruch Haba, a song that stirs our hearts and longs for the n

You donated $800 to Messiah's musicians in October

Shalom fine Chavah listeners, As part of Messiah’s Music Fund , you fine folks have donated $800 to Messiah’s musicians last month. Thanks so much for your generous giving, fine Chavah folks! All the money goes to the Messianic artists you hear on Chavah. Thank you for making this good work possible. ♥ Here are the exact figures: $500 in monthly donations - from 49 individuals who donate monthly to Messiah’s Music Fund - thank you! $100 in one-time donation from Donald & Bonnie B. $200 from myself Since Messiah’s Music Fund began in August 2020, you fine listeners have donated $23,929 to Messiah’s musicians . Thank you for blessing Yeshua’s musicians, fine Chavah fans. ♥ As a reminder, we distribute funds to the artists based on the number of times an artist’s songs are played on Chavah. Artists whose songs play more often on Chavah receive more financial support. We distribute funds once they reach a total $10 threshold. Here are the raw numbers for October 2022, order

New music: Troy Mitchell - Tzion

Fresh new Messianic music now playing on Chavah: Troy Mitchell - Tzion ציון Troy is a dear friend of mine and extraordinarily talented musician for the Lord. I’ve known him for many years; my parents led worship at his congregation many years ago when I was a teen. I’ve worshiped with Troy many times in person too – from joint congregational events to the Minnesota State Fair! 😎 This new album, Tzion, is Troy’s 4th album on the station. Previous albums include Light of the World , Yoke of the King , and Awake . He’s also produced a liturgical chanting album for Passover season in Se'udat Mashiach . Troy’s music has been well received thus far on Chavah, so I think ya’ll will enjoy this fresh new album. Tzion features 10 new songs, including 3 fresh takes on the psalms. He describes it like this: Troy Mitchell’s latest release brings all-new music focused on the future kingdom. From soul-searching melodies that yearn for HaShem’s presence, to joyful arrangements that impassi