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New music: Dan David - Willpower

Hey friends, some fresh new music for Messiah now playing on Chavah: Dan David - Willpower Dan has been making and releasing original music since 2004. Instead of signing a major song publishing offer that he received when he was 20 years old, he dedicated his music to inspire people locally in Toronto until his popularity grew and he began traveling to over 50 cities since 2011, releasing studio CDs with songs that uplift people’s spirits, promote Peace, and help people heal. His newest album, Willpower, features Israeli singing sensation Elihana Elia and Israeli TV star Shai Sol who sing passionately on the new songs, and the work of an award winning music producer from Ontario. Please support Messiah’s musicians: You can purchase Dan David music over at . You can also donate to Messiah’s Music Fund , which distributes funds to Dan David and all of Messiah’s musicians on Chavah each month. Enjoy this fresh new music for the Messiah, holy friends.

New music: Karen Davis - Songs of Eternity

New Messianic music from Israel now playing on Chavah: Karen Davis - Songs of Eternity Karen Davis is an Israeli worship leader, recording artist, songwriter, and speaker, well-known internationally for her Messianic praise and worship music. Based on Mount Carmel, Israel, Karen has recorded numerous solo albums of original music in Hebrew and English, which are distributed worldwide by Galilee of the Nations Music/Sony Music. Her latest recordings are “Songs of Eternity,” “Songs in the Night,” and “The Lord Roars from Zion — Songs of the Warrior Bride.” This is Karen’s 5th album on Chavah. She has produced and recorded songs much beloved by Chavah listeners, songs sung by Messianic congregations around the world, including Yeshua Yeshua , God Be Merciful , Adonai Tz’va’ot , King of Kings , Hineh Hu , and many others. I suspect this new album will be in the same vein. Please support Messiah’s musicians: You can purchase Karen Davis music over at . You can als