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New music: Paul Wilbur - Roar from Zion

New Messianic music on the station, friends, in what is bound to be a new Messianic classic: Paul Wilbur - Roar from Zion Paul needs no introduction; he is perhaps the most popular Messianic artist in the world, his music loved and enjoyed by millions of God's holy people in Israel and the nations. This new album, Roar from Zion, is recorded live in Jerusalem and contains new worship songs from Wilbur as well as fresh takes on old classic Messianic tunes. We're pleased to be playing his new album on Chavah, which now marks the 11th album of his on Chavah. Give it a listen, friends! You can support Messiah's musicians by purchasing Roar from Zion at Wilbur Minstries . Enjoy the fresh new music for King Messiah!