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New music: Shilo Ben Hod - Shuv (Once Again) שוב

Shalom friends, some fresh new Messianic music from Israel coming your way in the new year: Shilo Ben Hod - Shuv שוב Shuv (Once Again) is a new album produced in 2020, with a fresh, vibrant and modern sound. We blogged about some of Shilo’s new music videos a few months ago. Shilo gave us permission to play some of those songs on the station. And just today, Shilo reached out to us and gave us permission to play the full album on Chavah. 😎 Thank you, Shilo! Shuv is Shilo’s 2nd album; his previous Ad Hayom (Until Today) album has quickly become a favorite on Chavah. I suspect this new album will surpass even the first. Dear friends, just as Shilo freely gives his music for your spiritual edification, would you freely give your support? You can do that by donating to Messiah’s Music Fund , or by purchasing Shilo’s music . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, holy friends. God bless you all on this very fine eve of Shabbat.

You donated $1,730 to Messiah's musicians in December

Shalom fine Chavah fans, As part of Messiah’s Music Fund , you all have donated $1,730 to Messianic musicians last month: $415 in monthly donations - from 35 individuals who donate monthly to Messiah’s Music Fund $1,115 in one-time donations - from 7 individuals (Beth T., Rebecca & Ronald H., Donald & Bonnie B., David & Jacqueline N., Tectonics Inc, Neil & Pamela C., Karen & Melvyn C.) who gave a one-time donations in December $200 from myself Since July 2020 when Messiah’s Music Fund began, you Chavah listeners have donated $5,565 to Messiah’s musicians. That’s a great deal of support to Messiah’s musicians in a time when they need it most due to COVID restrictions (no concerts, no travel, no guest musicians at congregations, etc.). Thank you, generous people of God! This is the largest amount you have ever given. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for tangibly blessing God’s musicians with your year-end giving. As a reminder, we distribute funds b