New music: Paul Wilbur - Roar from Zion

New Messianic music on the station, friends, in what is bound to be a new Messianic classic:
Paul Wilbur - Roar from Zion

Paul needs no introduction; he is perhaps the most popular Messianic artist in the world, his music loved and enjoyed by millions of God's holy people in Israel and the nations.
This new album, Roar from Zion, is recorded live in Jerusalem and contains new worship songs from Wilbur as well as fresh takes on old classic Messianic tunes. We're pleased to be playing his new album on Chavah, which now marks the 11th album of his on Chavah. Give it a listen, friends!
You can support Messiah's musicians by purchasing Roar from Zion at Wilbur Minstries.
Enjoy the fresh new music for King Messiah!

New music: Shilo Ben Hod - Ad HaYom (Until Today)

Shalom friends, I hope you all had a great Passover week. As we enter into Shabbat, I've added some fresh new music to the station:

Shilo Ben Hod - Ad HaYom (Until Today)

Shilo is an Israeli worship leader who was kind enough to give us permission to play his music on Chavah. This is his first album -- a rich, vibrant, Hebrew gospel-filled album -- and he's currently working on his second album. He's also raising funds for his new album: you can help him out and receive the new album as a gift.
You can follow Shilo over on Facebook, and purchase his music over at iTunes.
Enjoy the beautiful Hebrew music for Messiah, friends! An early shabbat shalom to you all.

New music: Israeli & Arabic Artists - Kol Koreh (The Voice of One Calling) קול קורא

Shalom friends and an early Happy Passover to you all!

To celebrate, here's a new album from Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land, coming together to exalt King Messiah - it's awesome!

Israeli and Arabic Artists - Kol Koreh (The Voice of One Calling) קול קורא

The Voice of One Calling is the joining of Hebrew and Arabic voices in unified worship and adoration, to prepare the way for the coming King. Some awesome praises in both Hebrew and Arabic, including new takes on old Messianic favorites like "Lift Up Your Heads".

Listening to this new album, it's upbeat and full of life, dynamic. A blend of a modern sound set to Middle Eastern instruments. It's an awesome praise to the King in a unique unity between Hebrew and Arab believers.

Friends, I encourage you to checkout their ministry, Dor Haba (The Next Generation). They have a heart for unity between Jews and Arabs in Messiah. And they do that primarily through ministry and music - what a blessing!

Enjoy this beauti…

New music: Sheli Myers & Congregation Shemen Sasson - Yigdal Adonai

Shalom holy friends, and an early shabbat shalom to you. I hope you're surviving the pandemic and we pray it passes soon.
We've added to the station fresh new Messianic music from Israel for your holy enjoyment:

Sheli Myers & Congregation Shemen Sasson - Yigdal Adonai

This is a live music album recorded in Jerusalem, featuring Sheli Myers and her congregation, Shemen Sasson (Oil of Joy). Sheli Myers has produced a great deal of music for the Lord, I know her from her song, "Adonai Ahuvi", and singing that one at my own congregation.

Myers and her congregation describes this new album:

True worship is one of the core values of Shemen Sasson. The Father is seeking those who worship Him "in Spirit and in Truth" (John 4:23). True worship doesn't just happen once a week in a service, but saturates every part of our life. Over the last 20 years, Shemen Sasson has been blessed to build up a worship department, in which worship is presented in excellence, w…

Marty Blume has passed away from coronavirus


I'm shocked and deeply saddened to report that, Marty Blume, a dear friend of the station and long-time supporter of Chavah, has passed away from coronavirus. His wife is raising funds for his funeral and burial.

Marty helped us get Chavah Messianic Radio off the ground, contributed on the admin side of Chavah, helped us acquire the necessary licenses to legally play music on the web, and was a creative mind for helping Messiah's musicians financially.

He was a friend to so many in the Messianic movement. I remember meeting the Miqedem music group a few years ago. I was showing them Chavah Messianic Radio on my phone, when bandmember Shai Sol replied, "Wait - are you friends with Marty Blume? He showed me this!"

Coronavirus has been impersonal up until now. Deaths and sickeness happened to other people. Now it's hit close to home. I'm shocked. And I'm sad for his family, sad that he's gone.

May the Lord raise him up in that day.

The Lord com…

We're @messianicradio on Twitter

Shalom Chavah fans,

We just hooked up our @messianicradio Twitter account to Chavah's songs and lyrics, such that we regularly tweet song lyrics with links to the song on Chavah:

For Zion’s sake, I will not keep silent
For Zion’s sake, I’ll not hold my peace
For Zion’s sake, for Yerushalayim
I will not rest, I will not rest — Chavah Messianic Music Radio (@MessianicRadio) March 11, 2020

We also tweet about trending songs for the day, thumb-ups, and more. If you're on Twitter, . Shalom friends!

New music: Teshuva - Hallel

Shalom friends,

We've added some fresh new music to the station for your holy pleasure:

Teshuva - Hallel

This is Teshuva's 3rd album -- the previous two, Return and The First Five, have been well-received by Chavah fans. I suspect this new album, which is features songs from Psalm 113-118, will bring you all joy in uplifting praise.

Enjoy, friends!