Share a song by text message or by WhatsApp

Shalom Chavah fans,We've rolled out 2 new sharing options, making it easier to share Messiah’s music to your friends and family.Share via text message (SMS)Share to WhatsAppHere’s how to use them. When you're listening to a song, scroll down and click Share:Inside share, there are a few existing quick share options:Share to FacebookShare to TwitterNow we've added 2 more:Share via text message (SMS)Share to WhatsAppShare via text messageShare via text message does exactly like it sounds: on your phone, tapping this button will bring up your text messenger with an auto-populated text message containing the link to the song:Just type who you want to send it to, and you're all set to share Messiah’s tunes with your friends and family.Share to WhatsAppWe've also added Share to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an internationally popular messaging platform, and some Chavah listeners have requested this feature to make it easier to share Messiah’s music with friends. Tapping the Shar…

Giving thanks: Neil & Pam C.

As it’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, a listener wrote a letter (not an email – a genuine old fashioned letter – how sweet!) thanking God for Chavah. I was touched and wanted to show it here.Mr. Himango -We have enjoyed your ministry for a year or two. I have shared your site/station with many others.One of the things I have appreciated is the playing of new/less well known artists. Most people are qaware of Lamb, Paul Wiblur, Jonathan Settel, et cetera. But now we have new favorites!!! Thank you!!I also appreciate how the album is displayed while playing; being able to see pertinent information about the artist for future reference.Thank you so much for what you ahve created and operate.
You obviously have knowledge and a gift for putting all of this together – I read your blog on how Chavah works. I will not pretend to understand the technicalitites, but I am impressed with the way it works and is user friendly for those of us who are technologically disadvantaged. Please do not …

New music: Paul Wilbur – Resting Place Vol. 2

Here's some holy music to sweeten your shabbat:Paul Wilbur - Resting Place Vol. 2
This is a beautifully soft, acoustic album filled with instrumentals from Paul Wilbur's latest album, Forever Good. It's a beautiful thing to uplift and encourage you in the Lord on this beautiful, holy Shabbat day.Shabbat shalom, holy friends!

New music: Joshua Aaron – Bring Us Back

Shalom holy friends,
We’re glad to announce Joshua Aaron’s new album, Bring Us Back, is now live on Chavah Messianic Radio:
Joshua Aaron – Bring Us BackI’m stoked about this new album! Most of you already know Joshua Aaron; he’s produced hits like Gadol Elohai, You Are Holy, Kadosh Atah, and these have been hugely popular both in Messianic congregations and among the Chavah community.I fully expect this new album will likewise produce something remarkable and God-glorifying – something we can worship with for decades to come! – and that excites me, friends.You can purchase the new album over at, and of course you can donate to Joshua Aaron through Chavah’s donate button whenever Aaron’s music plays:Enjoy the new music for Messiah, holy Chavah fans!

Marc Chopinsky has passed away

We just received word that Messianic music pioneer and Israeli Messianic leader Marc Chopinsky has passed away.Marc was a founding member of Israel’s Hope, a 1980s Messianic band that produced hits like Shalom Jerusalem, He Shall Reign, Say to the Daughter of Zion. He also produced music with his Israeli congregation Tents of Mercy, with hits like Kol Yisrael Yivasha and dozens more that we still worship with at modern Messianic congregations in Israel and the nations. (At my congregation, nearly every Shabbat we play his music!)Pray for Marc’s family as they mourn the loss of this holy man of God, husband, father, and Messianic pioneer in Israel and the nations, Marc Chopinsky. May his memory be a blessing.

Would You Donate to Chavah?

Shalom Chavah fans,Would you consider donating to Chavah?Chavah is purely a labor of love – it’s free, the apps are free, and there are zero ads. I built Chavah because I love Messiah and the Messianic community, and I wanted to preserve the great legacy of Messianic music for this generation. I think it’s a worthy cause!Running Chavah costs money. Between purchasing music, hosting thousands of songs, streaming audio to tens of thousands of listeners, and paying for copyright licenses, it costs me ~$500/month to run Chavah.I’ve reduced that cost thanks to bulk pricing and 501c3 non-profit programs. Even so, Chavah still is a monthly financial burden for a single person to pay every month.So, if Chavah is a blessing to you, I ask you to help by chipping in a few bucks:Become a Patron!Thanks for considering, fine Chavah fans.In His Service,
-Judah Gabriel Himango, Chavah Messianic Radio

New music: Keren Silver – Melech HaKavod (King of Glory)

Shalom fine Chavah fans,We’re rolling out new music on the station today, fresh new Messianic music from Israel in fact!Keren Silver – Melech HaKavod (King of Glory)Keren Silver is a renowned Messianic artist. Her first album, Show Me Your Glory, produced well-known hits like Kadosh Atah and Elohei Yishi, which are some of the highest rated music on Chavah and are played at Messianic congregations around the world. (Including my own!)I think this new album will bless you, encourage you, and surpass the former in greatness for the Lord. I'm looking forward to seeing what beautiful new songs come out of this album. Check it out! You can purchase the new album over at kerensilver.comEnjoy the new music for Messiah, fine Chavah fans.