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Chavah turns 10!

Shalom friends, 10 years ago, on February 16th 2010, we announced in a humble blog post the very first version of Chavah: I’m really excited to show you guys something I worked on over the last few days: Chavah – Internet Radio For Yeshua’s Disciples It works on both Windows and Mac, right in your web browser. (Depending on how old your computer is, it may need to install a small Flash-like plug-in called Microsoft Silverlight. After that, you’re home free.) If you’ve ever used the music service, this is in the same vein. In fact, Pandora is the inspiration for Chavah. Give it a try! Hope you like it, and please let me know about any problems in the comments. Yes, it really looked like that. I'm reminded of the saying, "Do not despise humble beginnings!" Because the web was still in its early days, we used Silverlight plugin technology to play MP3 audio. (Back then, most web browsers couldn't natively play MP3s - amazing how far we've c