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New Chavah feature: Sign-in

Shalom, Messianic music fans. Yesterday we rolled out a brand new Chavah feature: sign-in. (Notice the “Sign in” on the right) Have you ever listened to Chavah on more than one device? Maybe you listen on your PC and your tablet. Or maybe on your Mac and your mobile phone? If you have, there’s a problem: all your likes aren’t there on your other devices. All the songs you “liked” on your PC don’t show as “liked” on your tablet, for instance. Sign-In fixes that. You can now Sign-In on each device, letting you keep your likes and dislikes on all your devices. Cool, yeah? Here’s how to sign-in: Click the “Sign in” link in the top-left corner of the screen: Clicking sign-in will bring up the sign-in screen: Put in your email address. You may be asked to verify your email address. For example, if you have a Gmail address, it may ask you to verify your Gmail name and password. You’re done! You should see your signed-in status in the top-left of the screen: Sign-in notes It’s

New music: Ted Pearce – Warsaw Sessions

Ted Pearce – Warsaw Sessions We’re really indebted to Ted Pearce, who reached out to us at Chavah Messianic Radio and contributed his latest professional and spirit-filled works to the station, to the benefit of you, the fine Messianic music aficionado. That’s Ted for you: Ted is one of the very best Messianic musicians. As I told him, I tell you: Ted’s got 8 songs in the top 70 ranked songs on Chavah , in plain English, he’s one of the best Messianic musicians according to you Chavah fans. I bet the number of Ted Pearce songs in the top 70 is going to increase with this new music he’s sending us. The first album he’s sent us is Warsaw Sessions, performed with Cultural Xchange. Here’s the press release: Beginning in Feb 2013, recording artist Ted Pearce started work on a series of recordings in Hollywood California, Warsaw Poland, and Jerusalem Israel. These various recordings featured a wide variety of musicians & genres, as the influences of each city and culture were man

New music: James Block - Selah

Shalom, fine Chavah fans. We've loaded Chavah up with some brand new music from James Block, a recording artist from Jerusalem. James Block - Selah Enjoy, fine Chavah fans!