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New music: Birgitta Veksler – Ana Elech

New Messianic music from Jerusalem to help you enter shabbat: Birgitta Veksler - Ana Elech (Where Will I Go) Birgitta has musical chops! She was a lead singer in an IDF army music band, and she finished in the top 10 in Kochav Nolad, the Israeli version of American Idol. Ana Elech (Where Will I Go) is a collection of ten songs written by Birgitta, inspired by psalms and performed in their original language - Hebrew. The songs reflect the longing for a savior, the Messiah, that is embedded in the heart of the Jewish people. Birgitta hopes that her music will impart a yearning for a more intimate relationship with God. Thanks to our friend Marty Blume for getting Birgitta's music on the station. If you fine Messianic music fans would be so kind, please support Birgitta Veksler by purchasing her music . Enjoy! And an early shabbat shalom to you all.

New feature: Submit lyrics & tags

Shalom, holy friends and fans of Messiah’s music. I’ve rolled out some new features this week on Chavah that I think you may like. First up, lyrics and tags. Chavah now allows you, the listener, to submit lyrics or tags for a song. To start, click Submit tags for this song : Alternately, click Lyrics and then Submit lyrics for this song: Doing either of these will take you to the song edit page: Here you can type the lyrics for the song, or enter tags for a song. Lyrics can be encouraging to read as they often amplify the Scriptures. It also helps to include English translations for songs have Hebrew, French, or Spanish lyrics. FAQ: What should I do for songs that have Hebrew lyrics? My default stance is to include the English transliteration of the Hebrew, e.g. “Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu” If you’re comfortable with Hebrew, by all means include it in the lyrics, as many of our listeners are also Hebrew speakers: שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד If you do type the He