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You donated $310 to Messiah's musicians in June

In June, we received the following donations to Messiah's Music Fund : $120 - one-time donation $140 - recurring monthly donations through Patreon $50 - my own contribution Total: $310 That leaves us with $310 to distribute this month to Messiah's musicians on Chavah. 😎 It's not much, but "do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin." (Zech 4) Want to increase that amount? Donate to Messiah's Music Fund . How do we distribute donations? Simple formula:  total donations * artist plays / total plays For example, if there were 1000 songs played on Chavah in June, and 200 of those songs were from Lamb, then we'd have $300 * 200 / 1000 = $60. This formula means that the songs that get played more, get paid more . 😊 (Want an artist to get paid more? Up vote their songs; higher ranked songs are played more often.) We only introduced Messiah's Music Fund last week, and we didn't start tracking artist plays until the