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You donated $310 to Messiah's musicians in June

In June, we received the following donations to Messiah's Music Fund:
$120 - one-time donation $140 - recurring monthly donations through Patreon $50 - my own contribution
Total: $310
That leaves us with $310 to distribute this month to Messiah's musicians on Chavah. 😎 It's not much, but "do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin." (Zech 4)
Want to increase that amount? Donate to Messiah's Music Fund.
How do we distribute donations? Simple formula: 
total donations * artist plays / total plays
For example, if there were 1000 songs played on Chavah in June, and 200 of those songs were from Lamb, then we'd have $300 * 200 / 1000 = $60. This formula means that the songs that get played more, get paid more. 😊
(Want an artist to get paid more? Up vote their songs; higher ranked songs are played more often.)
We only introduced Messiah's Music Fund last week, and we didn't start tracking artist plays until then. So, we onl…