Announcing Messiah's Music Fund

Just a sampling from the hundreds of Messiah's musicians on Chavah Messianic Radio

Shalom fine Chavah listeners,

We're launching a new feature on Chavah: Messiah's Music Fund, where each month we will donate money to the Messianic artists on Chavah. That money will come from myself (Judah)...and from you, I hope! 😊 Friends, will you donate to Messiah's Music Fund?

Chavah has always been 100% free, purely a labor of love. I'm glad to amplify Messiah's musicians to a broader audience. I consider it a service to the Lord. And I hope it's a service to you, friends. I hope Chavah has blessed you and your household with the holy music of King Messiah.

But, I want to do more: I want to financially help to the artists on Chavah. It's one thing to amplify Messiah's music to this generation. It's another to support the artists who have graciously and freely given their music to bless you without charge. What a joyful blessing it will be to Messiah's musicians to receive support from the flock each month!

So, friends, can you spare $10 to support Messiah's musicians? Is Messiah's music a cause worthy of your support? If your answer is yes, please join me and donate to Messiah's Music Fund. Together, we will bless God's holy musicians in a tangible way.

Thank you for considering, fine Chavah fans. ♥


  1. Shalom Michael Lee, thanks for wanting to donate. To donate, just click here.

    -Judah from Chavah Messianic Radio

  2. Where do I send my check to donate?

    1. Shalom, you can send your check to:

      Chavah Messianic Radio
      13780 195th Dr SE
      Monroe, Washington 98272


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