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New music: Ian Michaels & Nava Michaels - Covenant

Shalom friends, Two new albums in one week – we’ve been busy. Ian Michaels, a friend of Chavah Messianic Radio, has released a new album with his wife Nava, their first album together: Ian Michaels & Nava Michaels – Covenant The Michaels sent us this album specifically for play on Chavah. Ian describes this new work: This is a Song of Songs type collection celebrating the covenant of love between a man and a woman and the greater mystery of which human romance is only a shadow. Thanks for contributing to Chavah, Ian & Nava! Listeners, please support the work of Messiah’s musicians by purchasing the new album here .

New music: Sarah Liberman - Lev Tahor (A Pure Heart)

Shalom Chavah fans, New Messianic music on Chavah for your listening pleasure and edification! Holy new Israeli music, in fact: Sarah Liberman – Lev Tahor (A Pure Heart) This is Sarah Liberman’s 2nd album on Chavah. Listeners adore her first album, Lefaneicha (I Am Before You) , and I think this new album will likewise satisfy the thirsty heart. Give it a listen, fine Chavah fans. If you like it, would you please support her work? Purchase Sarah Liberman’s music Donate to Chavah Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians in Israel. To His name be the glory!

Giving Thanks: “Chavah is that help I need…a spiritual hug!”

Almost weekly, I receive kind messages from listeners. This morning, Donna A. said, Your music has been such a blessing to me, soothing my fears and calming my troubled heart. I love Yeshua and am His, but sometimes I  am under attack of the enemy and I need spiritual help, your music is that help I need. and if I am in the mood to praise The Lord with all my might, you are there!!! Thank you so much for being there for me and others who need spiritual hug. I wish you were on national radio, but thru my phone I can get you in my car and be blessed. How can I bless you back? Support you financially? Spread the news of your lovely site? Add you to my Facebook page? I don’t even know how I found you except I must say it was an act of The Lord!!! I’d like to know more about you your family and that adorable mystery person Cass! Thanks for getting back to me, Shalom in Yeshua , Donna Thanks Donna! If there's any good in Chavah, all the glory goes to God! Your words mean a lot. It's