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New music: Sons of Korah - Fractures

Shalom holy friends, Now that Chavah is now available on the iOS , Android , and Windows app stores, we can get back to adding some excellent new tunes for the Lord. And with that, I’m glad to announce the beautiful psalms from Sons of Korah on the station, with the addition of their new album: Sons of Korah – Fractures Sons of Korah are one of the most popular artists on Chavah. They have 3 songs in the top 70 ranked on Chavah, including the #15 top ranked song, Psalm 91 My Refuge . Their unique take on the raw psalms – the joyful psalms, the lamenting psalms, the angry psalms, all of it – are really unmatched in the Christian and Messianic worlds. I know you guys will like this new album! You can purchase their music over at . You can also donate to them through Chavah Messianic Radio . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians! Enjoy the new tunes for the Lord, fine Chavah Messianic Radio fans!

iPhone? iPad? Chavah is now in the iOS app store!

Holy disciples of Yeshua the Messiah, I am utterly stoked, excited and outright giddy to announce that Chavah is now in the iOS App store !   This is the culmination of a boatload of work – months altogether – to prepare Chavah for listing in all the major apps stores. And with Chavah now in the iOS App Store, it means God’s holy music is blasting through all the major app stores: iOS Android Windows Web Hallelu! Amplify God’s holy tunes to the masses! Thanks to all the supporters, helpers, donaters and encouragers who made this possible! Enjoy Chavah on your iPhone and iPad, fine Chavah fans!

Chavah for your Droid! Chavah is now on the Google Play App Store

I’m overjoyed to let you all know that Chavah is now in the Google Play App Store ! That means if you have a Droid phone, tablet, or Chromebook, you can install Chavah from the store! To install Chavah on your Droid device, go here or just search for Chavah Messianic Radio in the Google Play store. These are brand spankin' new bits - literally deployed hours ago. So there might be bugs/issues - if you see any, please report them in the comments below, or better yet, submit an issue here . The only remaining big platform is iPhone/iPad. We’re looking at getting Chavah in the iOS App Store in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!