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New music: Lily Francis - Prayers

Shalom friends, We've just now added some beautiful new music to the station to sweeten your shabbat: Lily Francis - Prayers Lily is a friend of the station and independent Messianic musician and songwriter. This new 5 song EP features gentle, folksy worship set to guitar, piano, violin.  I think my favorites from this album are Return to Me  and her beautiful cover of Hashkivenu . But really, all 5 songs are something special and praiseworthy. I think you fine listeners will enjoy this beautiful new music for King Yeshua. Shabbat shalom, fine Chavah listeners.

You donated $1,043 to Messiah's musicians in February

Shalom ma’azinim yikarim מאזינים יקרים, It’s a bit late for me posting this; normally I post this the first week of the month, and here we are in third week. 😳 I’ve been busy this month getting Proclaim Messianic Music Festival open for registration! But, better late than never, ha. ☺ As part of Messiah’s Music Fund , you fine folks have donated $1,043 to Messiah’s musicians in February 2022. Thank you for your generous giving. The money goes to the Messianic musicians you hear on Chavah. Thank you for making this good work possible. ♥ Here are the exact figures: $503 in monthly donations - from 54 individuals who donate monthly to Messiah’s Music Fund - thank you! And a special thanks to new donors Marie F., Hugu J., Barbra R., LaDonna B., and Talitha M. whose donations will show up in next month’s disbursement. Thank you all! $190 in one-time donations from Donald & Bonnie B., Richard D., and Nelson S. $250 from one-time donations to individual artists from Melissa C.

New music: Elana Watson - Awake O Israel

Shalom dear Messianic music afficionados, We’ve added more music to the station, this time a classic Messianic album: Elana Watson - Awake O Israel I've had a few songs from this classic album on the station, but just hadn't got around to getting the whole album on. Now it is. 😊 Here’s a little bit about this classic Messianic album: Awake O Israel is a recording of unprecedented combinations of Middle Eastern, Latin American, and Eastern European melodies and rhythms. Elana Watson is the daughter of renowned messianic artists Merv & Merla Watson. Coming from a musical family, Watson grew up onstage performing in theatres, cathedrals, churches, synagogues, and festivals, and has been on television and radio in over 30 countries. This recording consists of many crossovers along with Watson’s original sound. It is indeed a new sound full of surprise and energy! Enjoy this golden oldie for King Messiah, fine friends in Yeshua. 😎