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New music: Miqedem - Vol. II

Fresh new music for Messiah straight from Tel Aviv: Miqedem - Vol. II This new album, Volume II, is fresh off the presses - released just days ago. I was a financial backer of this new album because I know their music is reaching new audiences in Israel and the nations. It's stirring hearts for Messiah, even my own. I know you guys are going to love it! This holy music group from Israel is touring the United States right now -- they just arrived last week. I was fortunate to worship with them and meet them just days ago - photos below. Afterwards I spoke with lead singer Jamie Hilsden about playing this new album on Chavah Messianic Radio, and he said, "Yes! Go for it!" (Thanks Jamie!) (Here’s a few shots of me with the band!) I hope you'll check out Volume II, give it a listen, and support them by purchasing their music from . Enjoy the fresh tunes for Mashiach!

How does Chavah pick which songs to play?

Listener Greg W. asks, Is there a way to tell what plays at any given time? I know we can request songs, so the programming must be tied to algorithms and lots of techy stuff… I’ve been asked this question often, so it bears a post I can link to in the future. It’s a fair question because in some ways, Chavah acts like traditional AM/FM radio station (song requests!), while in other ways, it acts more like music playlist ala Pandora (song stream for each user). What’s going on? How does Chavah decide what to play? In a nutshell, Chavah chooses songs for you based on your song likes/dislikes, and weaves in live song requests from listeners . That’s the super-simplified version of the truth. The fine grained details I explain below. Chavah plays songs she thinks you’ll like Unlike traditional AM/FM radio, Chavah plays a unique stream for each user . That means Judah in Minnesota is hearing Marty Goetz – V’ne Emar , while Jesse in Chicago is hearing Miqedem – Hine Eloheinu . Two users, tw

New music: Steve Rees – Psalms of Aliyah, and more

Shalom holy friends, As we’re wrapping up the Feast of Unleavened Bread this week, maybe you’re up for some holy harp music? Steve Rees plays calming, soothing harp music inspired by the Davidic psalms. They’re perfect for entering into Shabbat with peace. Here’s a sample of Steve playing the traditional Mi Kamocha tune in Jerusalem: Steve has graciously sent us several of his albums for play on Chavah: Steve Rees - Festival of His Birth Steve Rees - Keys of David Steve Rees – Psalms of Aliyah Steve Rees – Illuminations Steve Rees – Healing Harp Enjoy these peaceful pieces as we enter Shabbat and wrap up the holy week of Unleavened Bread. If you like Steve’s holy harp music, check out his music site and support him by buying his albums. Shalom, fine Chavah fans!