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New music: Micha’el Ben David – Hope & The Spirit of Grace

Here is something to increase your joy this shabbat. New music from our holy brother in Israel: Micha'el Ben David - Hope & The Spirit of Grace Veteran Chavah fans know that Micha’el Ben David’s music is some of the highest ranked on Chavah. In fact, at the time of this writing, his song Sh’ma Yisrael is the #9 highest ranked song of all the music on Chavah, weighing in at a cool +601. This new album, I believe, will likewise be a hit with you fine listeners. So much joy on this album! From songs like El Shaddai Mi Kamocha – which has become a classic song we sing at my congregation – to psalms that uplift like Ivdu Et HaShem , I consider Hope & The Spirit of Grace to be one of the best albums Micha’el has put for to-date. Micha'el is a light for Messiah in the Holy Land and in the nations, and a personal friend of mine. Please support Messiah's musicians by purchasing his new album at . Thank you, and enjoy the music for the Lord!