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New music: Devora Clark - Spirit Filled Israel

Even more new music for you fine Chavah fans. Messianic music artist, radio show host, and Chavah fan herself, Devora Clark, has contributed songs from her new album to Chavah: Devora Clark - Spirit Filled Israel Devora has a nice thing going: you can purchase her music at and in doing so, you can benefit Messiah's musicians or optionally, the Helping Hand Coalition charity. I hope you enjoy her new music, fine Chavah listener.

New music: Maranatha Singers–Messianic Praise

New music on Chavah. Or rather, some old classics making their way onto the best Messianic radio on the web. :-) Maranatha Singers – Messianic Praise We’ve had the first half of this album on Chavah for some time, but now are proud to host the whole collection. Enjoy!

Giving thanks: Betty M.

Greetings!  I’m a HUGE fan of Chava Messianic Radio since August.  Glorious music.  I discovered your website on a Shabbat, and I cried the whole time I listened because the music was so anointed!  I’m wondering if you are also on Sirius radio so I can play your music while in my vehicle?  If not, any plans to also broadcast on Sirius at any point in the near future?  I also have a home Sirius radio, so I would play your music from sunup to sundown!  I’ve shared your website w/all my Messianic friends – some already knew about it, some didn’t.  They ALL LUV it, too! Also, I recently noticed Kirk and Deby Dearman playing from Kirk’s latest recording.  I knew Kirk and Deby back in the 80’s when he was our praise and worship director at a church I attended in Dallas.  Anointed couple!  His songs are so glorious and melodious.  I doubt they are Messianic at this point, but just hearing his latest work on your website is encouraging!  I’m praying for them to make the transition in Abba’s