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Giving Thanks: Can we donate?

One of our listeners wrote in, Shalom! Thank you for blessing our home with great music from Adonai’s talented musicians for several months now. We did not see on your web site a means for donating to your ministry.  Could you tell us how we can contribute? The Rogers Family This is really encouraging to hear! But Chavah is purely a labor of love, I’d rather not take donations or advertising dollars. Instead, if you want to donate, donate to Messiah’s musicians. Buy their music, or just make a donation to their cause. For example, my holy brother and friend Micha’el Ben David has been laboring in Israel for years; purchasing his music will help provide food and housing for him. Since Messiah’s musicians are the ones who make Chavah possible, I’d rather see the money go to them. Thanks!

New music: Joshua Rosen - Inside My Skin, plus a surprise tune from Micha’el Ben David

Shalom, Chavah fans. We’ve added a great new album to Chavah, plus one surprise tune from a Chavah favorite (see end of this post). The new album is from Joshua Rosen, an artist whose music has previously graced Chavah . Today, we’ve added Rosen’s debut album from 2010, Inside My Skin: Joshua Rosen – Inside My Skin Released in 2010, Rosen describes his debut album as such, Inside My Skin is a folk album for young and old ears alike. Brought to release through the encouragement of a loyal local following, this work showcases modern complements to traditional song writing and delivers a timeless collection of songs from this new Pacific Northwest artist. Grassy reflections of Bob Dylan are detectable, while lo-fi alternative folk vibes akin to the likes of Damian Jurado and David Bazan are present. Joshua Rosen lives in Eugene Oregon, where he writes music for everyman. With depth of heart and a need for introspection, you'll find yourself revealed in these songs as you navigat