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Giving Thanks: Carmen Mendez

“I love your internet radio station. I'm learning Hebrew so its a breath of fresh air where I work, as I listen to it at my place of employment. Thank you and may you be blessed by HaShem!” -Carmen J Mendez

Giving Thanks: Sarah Rudd

Fine Chavah fans, I often receive letters from Messianic and Hebrew Roots folks who are strengthened and built up by the music on Chavah. These messages are really encouraging to me; cause me to redouble my efforts and keep building things for the Messianic community. They're kind and uplifting; I want to post them here on the Chavah blog for all to see. Enjoy.  “Dear Judah, Can't begin to tell you how much your radio station is blessing me - well done for this great work for our Father. I have already emailed a number of believers who are in the Messianic walk, like myself, with how to get your station. Can I put the information re this on a website that I have been called to raise up here in the UK? It is called The Messianic Family of Great Britian and you can, as I expect you will wish to, check it out on . I won't be offended if you think not, Judah. I send you and your family (it sounds so sweet that the 'little olive shoots around your table&#

Rest in shalom, Barry Ford

Chavah fans, I received the sad news of the death of a fellow Chavah fan, a righteous brother in Messiah. Chavah listener Jane Capps relates, Shalom Judah, I do not know if you remember our dear Barry Ford, our all- around tech guy at Gates To Zion in Columbia, SC. If you have not heard, Barry suffered a massive heart attack and passed away on Erev Shabbat...Dec.28.  He "introduced " so many of our congregation to Chavah years ago at its early days.  Barry was a truly anointed and super loving guy, with a sense of humor blessing us all.  He and I left the church at the same time as he went on a quest the Ruach led him on a journey for the truth, eventually into exploring the Hebrew roots of our faith.  We still miss him very much, but we know he will be with our beloved Yeshua.  I am still playing Chavah and the demons are kept at bay! Thank you for your servanthood, your work for Yah's kingdom Love and shalom to you and your precious family! Shalom on Barry Ford’s

Does Chavah work in Firefox?

Q. Can I run Chavah in Firefox? A. No, not at this time. Although Chavah will do her best to work with Firefox, it works poorly on that browser due to technological limitations. Firefox doesn’t support native MP3 audio , the audio format Chavah uses for music streaming. MP3 is a patented audio format, and Mozilla does not wish to pay the licensing fees required to decode MP3s. Because of this, Chavah can’t play music using the native web technologies. It will try to fallback to non-standard technology, but it’s flakey at best. The good news is, Firefox will soon support native MP3 audio . Some time around summer 2013, you’ll see a new version of Firefox that plays MP3 audio. Bottom line: Chavah doesn’t work great in Firefox today. If you want to run Chavah, we recommend Google Chrome . Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari will also work. Follow-up question: Q. Can I install Chavah as a desktop application? A. Yes, see How Can I Install Chavah?

The Blessed 14 Messianic Wedding Songs

Over at Kineti, we’ve posted the Blessed 14 Messianic Wedding songs on Chavah – check it out, I think you’ll enjoy.