Giving Thanks: Sarah Rudd

Fine Chavah fans,

I often receive letters from Messianic and Hebrew Roots folks who are strengthened and built up by the music on Chavah. These messages are really encouraging to me; cause me to redouble my efforts and keep building things for the Messianic community.

They're kind and uplifting; I want to post them here on the Chavah blog for all to see. Enjoy. 

“Dear Judah,

Can't begin to tell you how much your radio station is blessing me - well done for this great work for our Father. I have already emailed a number of believers who are in the Messianic walk, like myself, with how to get your station.

Can I put the information re this on a website that I have been called to raise up here in the UK? It is called The Messianic Family of Great Britian and you can, as I expect you will wish to, check it out on I won't be offended if you think not, Judah. I send you and your family (it sounds so sweet that the 'little olive shoots around your table' get to help you. Judah) ahava and shalom in our great Messiah Yeshua.”



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