Rest in shalom, Barry Ford

Chavah fans, I received the sad news of the death of a fellow Chavah fan, a righteous brother in Messiah. Chavah listener Jane Capps relates,

Shalom Judah,

I do not know if you remember our dear Barry Ford, our all- around tech guy at Gates To Zion in Columbia, SC.

If you have not heard, Barry suffered a massive heart attack and passed away on Erev Shabbat...Dec.28.  He "introduced " so many of our congregation to Chavah years ago at its early days.  Barry was a truly anointed and super loving guy, with a sense of humor blessing us all.  He and I left the church at the same time as he went on a quest the Ruach led him on a journey for the truth, eventually into exploring the Hebrew roots of our faith.  We still miss him very much, but we know he will be with our beloved Yeshua. 

I am still playing Chavah and the demons are kept at bay!

Thank you for your servanthood, your work for Yah's kingdom

Love and shalom to you and your precious family!

Shalom on Barry Ford’s family and all those who were touched by this man during his life here on earth. Until we’re all together in New Jerusalem, shalom Barry.


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