Does Chavah work in Firefox?

Q. Can I run Chavah in Firefox?

A. No, not at this time.

Although Chavah will do her best to work with Firefox, it works poorly on that browser due to technological limitations.

Firefox doesn’t support native MP3 audio, the audio format Chavah uses for music streaming. MP3 is a patented audio format, and Mozilla does not wish to pay the licensing fees required to decode MP3s.

Because of this, Chavah can’t play music using the native web technologies. It will try to fallback to non-standard technology, but it’s flakey at best.

The good news is, Firefox will soon support native MP3 audio. Some time around summer 2013, you’ll see a new version of Firefox that plays MP3 audio.

Bottom line: Chavah doesn’t work great in Firefox today. If you want to run Chavah, we recommend Google Chrome. Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari will also work.

Follow-up question:

Q. Can I install Chavah as a desktop application?

A. Yes, see How Can I Install Chavah?


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