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11 new albums added to Chavah

Fine Chavah fans, you’ll be pleased, excited, stoked and overjoyed to know that 11 (!) new albums have been added to Chavah: Carolyn Hyde – Deep Calls to Deep Carolyn Hyde – Latter Rain Sons of Korah - Wait Mishkanim – Returning Mishkanim – Restoration Mishkanim – Into the Deep Greg Silverman – Dry Bones Greg Silverman – None Like You Greg Silverman – Revive Natalie Isaacs – What Heaven Is To Me Troy Mitchell – Arba Minim …Plus a new, unreleased single from Devora Clark. Thanks to the artists who have contributed their music to the station! Carolyn Hyde, Mishkanim, Greg Silverman, Troy Mitchell, and Natalie Isaacs all reached out to us at Chavah Messianic Radio and sent music free of charge for play on Chavah. Enjoy!

New music: Joshua Rosen – Illogical Affair

Shalom, fine Messianic music fans. We’ve added some great new music to the station: Joshua Rosen’s beautiful new album, Illogical Affair . Rosen describes this new album as such: “Illogical Affair is a project aimed at expressing the glory of God and how what is most glorious is also most illogical. Capturing the intimacy of my own relationship with Messiah, I journey from the introspective realm of faith and wrestling with Yahweh to the prophetic realm of how faith will manifest and what will come of His promises. The path can be rocky, it can be painful to live in such paradox, but hope remains as faith perseveres. I desire that these songs will resonate with you on your own journey, whether you're already hidden in the Lamb or to serve as leading you to His dwelling place and to His feet. Ultimately He is faithful, and what lies ahead is sure to be triumphant.” I’ve given several of the songs a listen and I really love them. Sincere and heartfelt tunes for the Lord set to q

Elections, and the victory of Messiah

I was despairing over the election results today.  Then I remembered that old prophecy, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and Messiah. And *He* shall reign forever and ever." (Rev 11) Yes! No need to despair, folks. In the end, Messiah wins. Not politicians, not kings, not presidents. Victory belongs to our God. Messianic Jewish pioneer and musician Marc Chopinsky put this prophecy to music. For your encouragement: Marc Chopinsky – We Give You Thanks

New music from Micha’el Eliyahu BenDavid

We’ve added some new tunes from Micha’el Eliyahu BenDavid’s upcoming album, Mizmor L’Ben David . Micha’el is a personal friend of ours, lover of Yeshua, one of the kindest people you’ll meet. His music turns out to be some of the most popular on all of Chavah; his song Shiru L’Adonai is the #6 ranked song by the international Messianic community. In fact, in the heavenly 70 top Messianic tunes , Micha’el has 3 songs in the top 10 as of the time of this writing. So, we’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy the tunes from his new album. You can purchase the MP3s here . Shalom and enjoy the tunes for the Lord!