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5 new albums added to Chavah

שלם משףחה ו אחים Shalom family and brothers, and all you Messianic music lovin’ folks. We’ve added some great new music to the station. I hope you all enjoy! Will Spires – Everyday Mercy Ronen Shalom - Maimrah Sally Klein O’Connor – You’ll Paint a Sunset Someday Sally Klein O’Connor – Clay Sally Klein O’Connor – Bury Your Heart in Wounded Me Enjoy, fine Chavah listeners!

FAQ: How can I install Chavah?

Q. Can I install or download Chavah onto my computer, so that I don’t have to use a web browser and go to the website? A. Yes, you can install Chavah to your desktop. Below, select the browser you’re using, and we’ll show you how to install Chavah to your desktop: I’m using Internet Explorer To install Chavah using Internet Explorer 9 or 10, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click File->Add site to Start Menu: (On IE 10, it will simply be gear icon->Add site to Start Screen ) You’ll be asked where to create the shortcuts. Click OK. Congrats, you’ve installed Chavah. It will now show up on your desktop and your start screen. I’m using Google Chrome To install Chavah using Google Chrome, click the ‘gear’ or ‘list’ icon in the top right corner of Chrome. Then click Tools –> Create application shortcuts: You’ll be asked where to create the shortcuts: Check ‘Desktop’ and ‘Pin to Taskbar’. Click ‘Create’. Congrats, you’ve installed Chavah. You ca

FAQ: How do I request a song?

Q. I don’t see the song request button in Chavah. Where is it? A . It’s the to the left of the play button. Click that button, and then type the name of a song, artist, or album: Click the song you’re looking for, then click the ‘Request’ button: You’re done! Chavah will play the song instantly for you. Other people listening to the station will hear the song request as soon as their current song finishes. (p.s. Don’t like a song that someone requested? Thumb it down. Chavah will play something else for you, and the next time that song is requested, she’ll skip sending it to you.) (p.p.s. Looking for a song, but don’t quite remember the name? This is a great way to find it. Just type anything you do remember about the song, whether album, artist, or name (even if incomplete) and Chavah will do her best to find it for you.)

7 new albums added to Chavah

Shalom in Yeshua, fine Messianic music lovers. Just in time for shabbat, we’ve added 7 albums to the station. I think you’ll enjoy these. Click any to queue ‘em up on Chavah: Kathleen Susnjar – One New Man   Carlos Perdomo - Desert of My Days Midor Ledor - From Generation to Generation   Lenny & Varda Harris – Torah is Life Lenny & Varda Harris – Journey of the Bride   Lenny & Varda Harris – The Hope of All Israel Lenny & Varda Harris – HaDerech L’Tzion Enjoy! And shabbat shalom.

New Chavah feature: show up and down votes

Shalom, folks! Just rolled out a nifty little Chavah feature. You can now click the community song rank: And it will show the total up and down votes for the song: Enjoy!

Joel Chernoff comedy roast

Our friend on Twitter , Messianic Jewish rabbi Matt Rosenberg, gives a little comedy roast of Joel Chernoff and his music group Lamb, the pioneer of Messianic music. I think you guys will get a good laugh at this: