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with Chavah: Persona shut-off and the new Chavah v3

Shalom friends! Right now when you sign-in to Chavah, you’ll get a scary red message about “ shutting down”: Yikes! Some of you have asked what this means. Well, good news and bad news: The good news is : Chavah is doing great, and certainly not shutting down, of course! Chavah is more popular than ever, with several thousand listeners and a growing library of music for Messiah. The bad news is : the sign-in technology we’re using, Mozilla Persona, is shutting down. What this means is, you won’t be able to sign-in to Chavah after Novermber 30th unless we release the new version of Chavah . The new version of Chavah, Chavah v3, doesn’t use Persona, and will let you sign in with your existing email address. We’re working super hard every day trying to get Chavah v3 done before the November 30th deadline! Bottom line: Chavah will continue working no matter what. Signing-in to Chavah will stop working on November 30th. The next version of Chavah, v3, will let you s