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New music: Paul Wilbur - Revive: Songs of Lamb and Israel's Hope

New music on Chavah! We’re now playing Paul Wilbur’s tribute album to Messianic music pioneers Lamb and Israel’s Hope : Paul Wilbur - Revive: Songs of Lamb and Israel’s Hope Paul Wilbur is easily the most popular musician on Chavah; receiving more plays every month than other artists. And this album is a beautiful tribute to Messianic music pioneers Lamb (Joel Chernoff & Levi Coghill) and Israel’s Hope (Paul Wilbur, Marc Chopinsky, Rene Bloch). Lamb and Israel’s Hope blazed the trail of the Messianic genre, paving the way for new and innovative praises from modern artists. This new album, Revive, offers fresh takes on old classics from Lamb and Israel’s Hope. I can remember listening to such music as a young boy; even today, Lamb is still my favorite! So, this album already holds a special place in my heart. I think it’ll do the same for you, friends. You can purchase this album over at . You can also donate to Messiah’s Music Fund , which distributes fu

Why does Chavah ask me to donate?

I received an email this week from a listener who suggested we stop asking for donations. “Dear friends Thank you for the beautiful songs …I think that is not right for a messianic radio station even You are asking 3 time,s a day for money. Please trust the Father of Abraham .Isaac and Jacob and don,t ask for money That,s not in the word He will give what you need Matt.6 Bless you.” That’s a fair question. After all, we’ve been running Chavah for 10 years and have never asked for donations until this year. Is it wrong to ask? Here’s my answer: We don’t ask for donations for Chavah. We only ask for donations to Messianic musicians. 100% of the donations go to the musicians; you can see for yourself in our artist distribution posts , which shows the exact dollar figures sent to individual artists. Since those musicians freely give their music for your enjoyment, I encourage listeners to do the same and give to Messiah’s Music Fund . Chavah doesn’t make any money; we’re a regist