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New feature: Embed song in your web pages

Now this is cool. Fine Chavah listeners, we’ve added an awesome new sharing feature to Chavah that lets you embed a song in your blog posts or other web pages, just like you would a YouTube video. Here’s a sample: it’s a live Chavah song! Click it to play: Embedding a song is super easy: Go to and click the “share this song” button: Then click Embed:   You’ll be shown the embed code: Copy that code and paste it into your page, blog, or other HTML web page: You’re done! Enjoy! And thanks for sharing Messiah’s music around the web, fine Messianic music fans.

FAQ: How do I share a song on Google+?

Q. How can I share a song on Google+ ? A. Brand new feature we’ve just rolled out: we’ve added a G+ share button near the top of the currently-playing song: Along with Facebook and Twitter, you can now share a Chavah song on Google+. Thanks for sharing Messiah’s music on the web.

New music: Michael Nissim - Ronu Shamayim

Beautiful Messianic guitar instrumental album added to Chavah on this fine weekend: Michael Nissim – Ronu Shamayim! (Rejoice, O Heavens!) Instrumental guitar praise from Israel I especially like Nissim’s instrumental version of Hodu L’Adonai. You can purchase Nissim’s music over at Future Vision Gifts .

New music: Magen David - Elul

Shalom, fine Messianic music fans. We’ve added a new artist and a new album to Chavah: Magen David – Elul This great new album was contributed by the artist, and I think you all are really going to like it. You can support the artist by purchasing their album . Shalom!