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New music: new tunes from Micha’el BenDavid, Kelly Ferrari

Fine Chavah fans, for your Messianic music delight, we’ve added more new music: First, a few new tunes from our friend Micha’el Ben David; some fresh-from-the-studio tunes for a future album, get an early taste: Micha’el Eliyahu BenDavid – Mi Kamocha BaElim (Who Is Like You Among the Gods?)   Micha’el Eliyahu BenDavid – Im Eshkachech Yerushalaim (If I Forget You, Jerusalem) We’ve also added some songs from Messianic music veteran Kelly Ferrari: Kelly Ferrari – Comfort, Comfort My People Kelly Ferrari – Covenant With Israel : Kelly Ferrari – Simple Songs of Scripture : Enjoy, and chag Chanukah sameach!

New music: Jessica H. Kaye–Your Name Yehovah

Chavah fans Luis & Cindy ask, Does Chavah have artist Jessica H. Kaye, in particular the song: Prayer of a Psalmist ? Her whole album is beautiful. Shabbat Shalom Nope. So, I check with the artist, and Jessica approves her music for play on Chavah. (Todah, Jessica!) Luis & Cindy send me her tunes, and we’re live with this beautiful album: Jessica H. Kaye – Your Name Yehovah   You can purchase Jessica’s music at for name-your-own-price. Enjoy, fine Messianic music lovers!

Giving thanks: Dennis from Ohio

Chavah listener Dennis from Ohio writes in to say,  “Shalom Judah, I found your Messianic Jewish internet radio station about three weeks ago.  I am VERY impressed with it.  The music is for the most part toned down and very worshipful.  I have been listening to it for roughly 6 hours per day since I found it. The music is soothing and uplifting.  I also like the ability to request songs and to click on the ones which I like. Thank you for taking the time to put all this together and make all of this wonderful Messianic Jewish music available.  For three years I have been listening to another Messianic Jewish internet station (Sounds of Shalom).  They have live DJs for a couple hours each day, and I have become friends with them via email.  But your music is more to my liking.  On Chava I have heard some extremely beautiful music which I had never head before.  I look forward to listening every day.  Keep up the great work! Shalom” Thank you, sincerely, Dennis! Stuff like this is

New (old!) music: Kol Simcha–Sound of Joy

An online acquaintance reminded me to get ahold of some old classic Messianic music from the 1970s: Kol Simcha – Sound of Joy! I’ve got a few of their songs now on Chavah, and plan to get the rest soon provided we can convert the old vinyl records to MP3. (You know you’re going to hear some classic sounds when you have to convert from vinyl!) *edit April 1, 2014: we now have the whole album on Chavah – woohooo!* Kol Simcha – Sound of Joy Some classic Messianic sounds here, friends! I think you’ll like it. Kol Simcha has been ministering through Messianic music for 35 (!) years. Bless them for their service by purchasing their music . Enjoy, fine Messianic music fans!

FAQ: Can I listen to Chavah on my phone or tablet?

Q. Can I listen to Chavah on my phone? A: Yes. Chavah works on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phones. If you’re on iPhone or iPad : Install Google Chrome for your iPhone. (Go to the app store and search for Google Chrome. Or, go to this link .) Launch Chrome on your phone. Go to If you’re on an Android phone , we recommend Google Chrome, which is the default browser on Android; it should just work. (If you’re on a very old Android phone, you may need to install Chrome or Opera from the Google Play store.) If you’re on Windows Phone or Windows tablet , you can use the built-in browser, Internet Explorer, to launch Chavah. Still hitting problems? Comment on this post, we’ll help you get Chavah running smoothly. Follow-up question : Q. Is there an app for Chavah on my phone? A. No, not at this time. Chavah should run just fine as a web app, especially on newer phones and tablets. If you are running into problems with Chavah on your phone, pleas

New music: A Place in Him, plus fresh tunes from Jaci Redlin

Shalom, fine Chavah fans! New Messianic music from 2 artists, both of whom sent me their music without prompting, asking that their music for the Lord be sent to your ears via Chavah Messianic Radio: Tamrah Aeryn-Alexander – A Place in Him Jaci Redlin – Princess of Yah You can purchase their music here: A Place in Him Princess of Yah Thanks, Tamrah and Jaci! Fine Chavah fans, I hope you enjoy these fresh tunes for Messiah.

New music: Diane Stough – A Voice Cries Out

Fine Chavah fans, for your listening pleasure, we’ve just added Diane Stough’s music to the station: Diane Stough – A Voice Cries Out Diane was kind enough to send us her music for play on Chavah. I think you guys will like what you hear! You can purchase her album here . (Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!)

New music: Phil Plotnek – Simchu b’Adonai

Just in time for Sukkot, some new music to add to your joy. Messianic Jewish leader Phil Plotnek has been kind enough to send us his album, Simchu b'Adonai (Rejoice in the Lord) I think you guys will like his unique style of praise! Purchase Phil's music here . Enjoy the new tunes for Messiah!

New Music: Barry & Batya Segal - Day 7

Fine Chavah fans, a little gift for you as we approach the holy days: I’m pleased, stoked, exuberant, and perhaps overly joyful to bring you something long waited for in the Messianic music community: Barry & Batya Segal – Day 7 Barry & Batya Segal are well-known in the Messianic music world, in fact, their music ranks as some of the top ranked music on Chavah , with 4 of their songs making the top 25 ranked tunes of all time on Chavah: #4 rank: We Delight In Your Shabbat #8 rank: Kadosh #20 rank: Hodu L’Adonai #22 rank: Halleu Et Adonai And, coincidentally, they have 7 songs in the top 70 ! (Hey, maybe that’s a sign?) The Messianic music community has long waited for a follow-up to their previous hits, and now the Segals have delivered. I love the music on this new album, focusing on God’s sabbath rest. I think you guys will too! Buy the album here for a cool $17 . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!

“Todah Judah!”

Todah Judah!  Thank you for adding Christopher Mann’s new album.  It is awesome!  We will actually be having him lead us in a time of worship during our upcoming 2014 UMJA Conference.  … Thank you for your music awesome ministry to the Messianic community.  You make a difference in this world.  Keep up the good mitzvah! … …where can we donate to help you…? L’chaim b’Yeshua! -Rabbi Reuel Dillon My pleasure, Reuel! So glad to hear this. It’s an honor to serve Messiah through Chavah. God gave me the gift of technology twiddling, using these talents for his purposes is hopefully some divine Return on Investment, a way to generate some interest for my Investor. :-) Regarding donations, I’d rather you just donate directly to the artists . Chavah exists only to amplify Messiah’s music and help the Messianic musicians, many of whom rely on (e.g. for housing, food, essentials) donations and music sales by you, the Messianic listener, so just donate to them or buy their music: see how can I

New music: Christopher Mann - Keren Yeshua

Fine Chavah fans, rejoice! New artist-contributed music has been added to the station: Christopher Mann – Keren Yeshua Christopher contacted us at Messianic Radio last week: Shalom Messianic Radio! My name is Christopher Mann and on September 4th, I will be releasing a Messianic CD, Keren Yeshua. The links for the website and video are below: Youtube video for "Keren Yeshua" the title track: The CD sample and video can also be seen on the website: Thank you so much. We had a few emails back and forth, ending with Christopher saying he'd be honored if we played his music on Chavah. Thanks, Christopher! It’s we who are honored to play your music and give Chavah fans a taste of your fresh, soaring music for Messiah, even a week before its official release. Here’s what I think. I say we totally bless him by buying his music . It’s just $10 to support him and get his new album. If you’re kind and have the means to do

“Thank you so much for this wonderful channel!”

Michelle Secord writes in, Hi, I'm a Gentile believer who God has placed within my heart a great love for His people and His chosen land, Israel. I love my Messianic brothers and sisters, though I'm still pretty ignorant as to your beliefs, other than you accept Yeshua as Your Messiah, and therefore the New Testament as part of the whole of Gods council to us as believers. I love the Hebrew language and would love to learn, though it would probably have to be slowly, plodding along. I had 3 strokes in one event, and though I have recovered quite well, memorization is an issue, although God does wonders with His word which tends to stick like glue, verses, but maybe not their address! lol Is there anyway, for instance, to find out the English/Hebrew translation to songs? I'm betting there's websites right? I need help remembering the obvious being post-stroke, but if you have favorites I would SO appreciate an informed opinion! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for this wonderful c

“Thank You for Chavah!”

New Chavah listener Jessie Lemus writes, Judah, I just discovered Chavah on the net and was thrilled beyond words.  Praise the Lord for your innovative radio station.  I'm passing this link on to my friends. G-d's abundant blessings to you, Jessie Stuff like this brings me a smile, folks. Thanks for listening and spreading Messiah’s tunes!

New music from independent Messianic artists

Fine Chavah listeners, We've added music from several independent Messianic artists: Hananyah Naftali - Your Presence Frederique Vervoitte - My Spirit Sings Melanee McClure - Unreleased (Psalm reading with harp) David Rives - Le'Olam Chaya Shalom - Emunah Enjoy, fine Messianic music fans.

FAQ: How can I share a song on Facebook?

Q. Can I share a song on Facebook? A. Yes. Under the current song, click Share , then click the Facebook icon : Clicking this will bring you to your Facebook page with the song attached: Click Share, and it'll be posted to your Facebook wall for you and others to enjoy. Thanks for spreading Messiah's tunes!

New music: Joshua Aaron - You Are Holy

Some brand new music added to the station, fine Chavah listeners. Joshua Aaron – You Are Holy You can purchase Joshua’s music over at Enjoy!

Chavah in the Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome user? Chavah Messianic Radio is now in the Google Chrome Web Store, woot woot! Chavah – Chrome Web Store Installing Chavah from the Chrome Web Store will bring a shortcut right into Chrome: Enjoy! And if you’d be so kind, consider r ating the app or even writing a review . Thanks!

New music: Misha Goetz–Weight of Glory

We’re honored to be playing Misha Goetz’s first full album, just released: Misha Goetz – Weight of Glory : (Support Messiah’s musicians: purchase Misha Goetz – Weight of Glory .) If the name sounds familiar, it should! Misha is the daughter of famed psalmist and pianist Marty Goetz, whose music has graced the Messianic movement for decades. (Marty joins Misha on the final song on the album, Aaronic Benediction, and it’s positively beautiful.) But Misha is destined, I think, to grow beyond even the recognition of her father. Her worship to Israel’s Messiah is gentle yet powerful, peaceful yet stirring the heart. As I listen to Weight of Glory on this shabbat, I’m taken aback by the beauty and peace flowing through these psalms, my heart is moved towards the Lord. Chavah Messianic Radio was proud to have helped fund this album via Kickstarter . Now that the album is finished, and we see the fruit of all this, we’re so glad to have been even a small part of it. The album’s sweet, m

FAQ: How can I thumb-up (or down) a song on Chavah?

Q. Some songs on Chavah I like, and others I don't. Can I tell Chavah to play more of the ones I like, and less of the ones I don't? A. Yes, Chavah lets you thumb-up songs you like and thumb-down songs you dislike. To thumb-up a song, click the thumb-up icon to the right of the play button: Likewise, to thumb-down a song, click the thumb-down icon. Q. What happens when I thumb-up a song? When I thumb-down? A. Thumbing-up a song will tell Chavah you like that song. She'll play that song, and songs similar to it, more often for you. Thumbing up a song will increase the song's community rank (that number between the arrows). The higher the community rank, the more that song is played for everyone. Thumbing-down a song tells Chavah not to play that song for you. She'll put it on the backburner; she won't play it for you, even if someone does a song request for it. Thumbing-down a song will decrease its community rank, and songs with low ranks wil

Giving thanks: Nathan Dozier

A Chavah listener from Tennessee, US, writes in to say, Shalom my brothers and sisters, When my world is in chaos you give sound to my soul. May Yah continue to bless you and your ministry. Thank you so much. Nathan Brentwood, TN, USA Nathan, it’s our honor to be in service to Messiah and his disciples. We’re encouraged in your words. Thanks! Shalom.

Chag Sameach! 3 new albums added to Chavah Messianic Radio

Chavah fans rejoice! 3 new albums added to MessianicRadio: The Lumbrosos - Chag Sameach   Matthew Hoffmann - Fill This Place   Wane V. Daroux - Our God Is One Enjoy, fine Messianic music fans!

New music: Helen Shapiro–What Wondrous Love Is This

Shabbat shalom, fine Messianic music lovers. Great news: we’ve added music from Jewish believer Helen Shapiro, including her latest gospel album, Helen Shapiro - What Wondrous Love Is This : We’ve also added all the songs from The Gospel Collection, volumes 1 and 2. Helen Shapiro has the unique distinction of being a Messianic singer with a famous, chart-topping past. Shapiro was a British pop singer in 1960s and ‘70s, even having #1 hits in 1961 . If that weren’t enough bragging rights, Shapiro toured with The Beatles ; the Beatles opened for *her*! Oh, and she made an album with Elvis Presley’s vocal group. Basically, she’s an amazing singer who has used her talents to bless the Lord, and bless those of us in the Messianic music community. Read her testimony , purchase her albums , and enjoy her music for Messiah.

New feature: Embed song in your web pages

Now this is cool. Fine Chavah listeners, we’ve added an awesome new sharing feature to Chavah that lets you embed a song in your blog posts or other web pages, just like you would a YouTube video. Here’s a sample: it’s a live Chavah song! Click it to play: Embedding a song is super easy: Go to and click the “share this song” button: Then click Embed:   You’ll be shown the embed code: Copy that code and paste it into your page, blog, or other HTML web page: You’re done! Enjoy! And thanks for sharing Messiah’s music around the web, fine Messianic music fans.

FAQ: How do I share a song on Google+?

Q. How can I share a song on Google+ ? A. Brand new feature we’ve just rolled out: we’ve added a G+ share button near the top of the currently-playing song: Along with Facebook and Twitter, you can now share a Chavah song on Google+. Thanks for sharing Messiah’s music on the web.

New music: Michael Nissim - Ronu Shamayim

Beautiful Messianic guitar instrumental album added to Chavah on this fine weekend: Michael Nissim – Ronu Shamayim! (Rejoice, O Heavens!) Instrumental guitar praise from Israel I especially like Nissim’s instrumental version of Hodu L’Adonai. You can purchase Nissim’s music over at Future Vision Gifts .

New music: Magen David - Elul

Shalom, fine Messianic music fans. We’ve added a new artist and a new album to Chavah: Magen David – Elul This great new album was contributed by the artist, and I think you all are really going to like it. You can support the artist by purchasing their album . Shalom!

Giving Thanks: Can we donate?

One of our listeners wrote in, Shalom! Thank you for blessing our home with great music from Adonai’s talented musicians for several months now. We did not see on your web site a means for donating to your ministry.  Could you tell us how we can contribute? The Rogers Family This is really encouraging to hear! But Chavah is purely a labor of love, I’d rather not take donations or advertising dollars. Instead, if you want to donate, donate to Messiah’s musicians. Buy their music, or just make a donation to their cause. For example, my holy brother and friend Micha’el Ben David has been laboring in Israel for years; purchasing his music will help provide food and housing for him. Since Messiah’s musicians are the ones who make Chavah possible, I’d rather see the money go to them. Thanks!

New music: Joshua Rosen - Inside My Skin, plus a surprise tune from Micha’el Ben David

Shalom, Chavah fans. We’ve added a great new album to Chavah, plus one surprise tune from a Chavah favorite (see end of this post). The new album is from Joshua Rosen, an artist whose music has previously graced Chavah . Today, we’ve added Rosen’s debut album from 2010, Inside My Skin: Joshua Rosen – Inside My Skin Released in 2010, Rosen describes his debut album as such, Inside My Skin is a folk album for young and old ears alike. Brought to release through the encouragement of a loyal local following, this work showcases modern complements to traditional song writing and delivers a timeless collection of songs from this new Pacific Northwest artist. Grassy reflections of Bob Dylan are detectable, while lo-fi alternative folk vibes akin to the likes of Damian Jurado and David Bazan are present. Joshua Rosen lives in Eugene Oregon, where he writes music for everyman. With depth of heart and a need for introspection, you'll find yourself revealed in these songs as you navigat

New music: Paul Wilbur – Your Great Name

Now here’s an interesting new album, fine Chavah Messianic Radio fans: Paul Wilbur – Your Great Name Paul Wilbur is perhaps the most well-known Messianic musicians, and one of the pioneers of Messianic Jewish music in the 1980s through his old group, Israel’s Hope. Your Great Name is unique, as it’s Wilbur’s first studio album in 20 years. His last several albums have all been recordings of live performances. If Paul Wilbur’s own artistic force wasn’t enough, this album features an array of accomplished artists: Beckah Shae, popular Christian music artist who has graced recent Messianic Jewish conferences. Sharon Wilbur , the very talented Messianic singer & songwriter  who’s own music ranks as some of the top-ranked on Chavah . Danny Gokey, American Idol finalist and Christian pop singer makes an appearance, lending his strong male vocal to a Messianic remake of the hit Christian song, “Great I Am”. You can purchase the album on Paul Wilbur’s website . Enjoy!

FAQ: How can I buy Messianic music on Chavah?

Q. How can I buy the music on Chavah? A. Glad you asked! One of the purposes of Chavah Messianic Radio is to raise the awareness of Messianic music and help out the artists who devote time and resources into serving. To purchase an album, Chavah has the “❤” button on the currently-playing song: Click that “❤” button and you’ll be taken to the artist’s website where you can purchase the music directly from the artists. Enjoy! p.s. Still can't find the song or album you're looking for? Email me and I can point you in the right direction.

Ian Kalev Michaels – Beyond the Veil

Added to the station, contributed by the artist, a Messianic instrumental album with some amazing guitar talent praising the Lord. Ian Kalev Michaels – Beyond the Veil Enjoy!

Looking for God

Sons of Korah – Psalm 69   "Save me, God! The water's coming up to my neck, and I'm sinking! I'm exhausted from crying, my throat is parched, I'm worn out. My eyes fail looking for You ; where are you?" -King David, Psalm 69

Giving Thanks: Carmen Mendez

“I love your internet radio station. I'm learning Hebrew so its a breath of fresh air where I work, as I listen to it at my place of employment. Thank you and may you be blessed by HaShem!” -Carmen J Mendez

Giving Thanks: Sarah Rudd

Fine Chavah fans, I often receive letters from Messianic and Hebrew Roots folks who are strengthened and built up by the music on Chavah. These messages are really encouraging to me; cause me to redouble my efforts and keep building things for the Messianic community. They're kind and uplifting; I want to post them here on the Chavah blog for all to see. Enjoy.  “Dear Judah, Can't begin to tell you how much your radio station is blessing me - well done for this great work for our Father. I have already emailed a number of believers who are in the Messianic walk, like myself, with how to get your station. Can I put the information re this on a website that I have been called to raise up here in the UK? It is called The Messianic Family of Great Britian and you can, as I expect you will wish to, check it out on . I won't be offended if you think not, Judah. I send you and your family (it sounds so sweet that the 'little olive shoots around your table&#

Rest in shalom, Barry Ford

Chavah fans, I received the sad news of the death of a fellow Chavah fan, a righteous brother in Messiah. Chavah listener Jane Capps relates, Shalom Judah, I do not know if you remember our dear Barry Ford, our all- around tech guy at Gates To Zion in Columbia, SC. If you have not heard, Barry suffered a massive heart attack and passed away on Erev Shabbat...Dec.28.  He "introduced " so many of our congregation to Chavah years ago at its early days.  Barry was a truly anointed and super loving guy, with a sense of humor blessing us all.  He and I left the church at the same time as he went on a quest the Ruach led him on a journey for the truth, eventually into exploring the Hebrew roots of our faith.  We still miss him very much, but we know he will be with our beloved Yeshua.  I am still playing Chavah and the demons are kept at bay! Thank you for your servanthood, your work for Yah's kingdom Love and shalom to you and your precious family! Shalom on Barry Ford’s

Does Chavah work in Firefox?

Q. Can I run Chavah in Firefox? A. No, not at this time. Although Chavah will do her best to work with Firefox, it works poorly on that browser due to technological limitations. Firefox doesn’t support native MP3 audio , the audio format Chavah uses for music streaming. MP3 is a patented audio format, and Mozilla does not wish to pay the licensing fees required to decode MP3s. Because of this, Chavah can’t play music using the native web technologies. It will try to fallback to non-standard technology, but it’s flakey at best. The good news is, Firefox will soon support native MP3 audio . Some time around summer 2013, you’ll see a new version of Firefox that plays MP3 audio. Bottom line: Chavah doesn’t work great in Firefox today. If you want to run Chavah, we recommend Google Chrome . Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari will also work. Follow-up question: Q. Can I install Chavah as a desktop application? A. Yes, see How Can I Install Chavah?

The Blessed 14 Messianic Wedding Songs

Over at Kineti, we’ve posted the Blessed 14 Messianic Wedding songs on Chavah – check it out, I think you’ll enjoy.