New (old!) music: Kol Simcha–Sound of Joy

An online acquaintance reminded me to get ahold of some old classic Messianic music from the 1970s: Kol Simcha – Sound of Joy!

I’ve got a few of their songs now on Chavah, and plan to get the rest soon provided we can convert the old vinyl records to MP3. (You know you’re going to hear some classic sounds when you have to convert from vinyl!)

*edit April 1, 2014: we now have the whole album on Chavah – woohooo!*

Kol Simcha – Sound of Joy

Some classic Messianic sounds here, friends! I think you’ll like it.

Kol Simcha has been ministering through Messianic music for 35 (!) years. Bless them for their service by purchasing their music.

Enjoy, fine Messianic music fans!


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