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Giving thanks: Dennis from Ohio

Chavah listener Dennis from Ohio writes in to say,  “Shalom Judah, I found your Messianic Jewish internet radio station about three weeks ago.  I am VERY impressed with it.  The music is for the most part toned down and very worshipful.  I have been listening to it for roughly 6 hours per day since I found it. The music is soothing and uplifting.  I also like the ability to request songs and to click on the ones which I like. Thank you for taking the time to put all this together and make all of this wonderful Messianic Jewish music available.  For three years I have been listening to another Messianic Jewish internet station (Sounds of Shalom).  They have live DJs for a couple hours each day, and I have become friends with them via email.  But your music is more to my liking.  On Chava I have heard some extremely beautiful music which I had never head before.  I look forward to listening every day.  Keep up the great work! Shalom” Thank you, sincerely, Dennis! Stuff like this is

New (old!) music: Kol Simcha–Sound of Joy

An online acquaintance reminded me to get ahold of some old classic Messianic music from the 1970s: Kol Simcha – Sound of Joy! I’ve got a few of their songs now on Chavah, and plan to get the rest soon provided we can convert the old vinyl records to MP3. (You know you’re going to hear some classic sounds when you have to convert from vinyl!) *edit April 1, 2014: we now have the whole album on Chavah – woohooo!* Kol Simcha – Sound of Joy Some classic Messianic sounds here, friends! I think you’ll like it. Kol Simcha has been ministering through Messianic music for 35 (!) years. Bless them for their service by purchasing their music . Enjoy, fine Messianic music fans!

FAQ: Can I listen to Chavah on my phone or tablet?

Q. Can I listen to Chavah on my phone? A: Yes. Chavah works on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phones. If you’re on iPhone or iPad : Install Google Chrome for your iPhone. (Go to the app store and search for Google Chrome. Or, go to this link .) Launch Chrome on your phone. Go to If you’re on an Android phone , we recommend Google Chrome, which is the default browser on Android; it should just work. (If you’re on a very old Android phone, you may need to install Chrome or Opera from the Google Play store.) If you’re on Windows Phone or Windows tablet , you can use the built-in browser, Internet Explorer, to launch Chavah. Still hitting problems? Comment on this post, we’ll help you get Chavah running smoothly. Follow-up question : Q. Is there an app for Chavah on my phone? A. No, not at this time. Chavah should run just fine as a web app, especially on newer phones and tablets. If you are running into problems with Chavah on your phone, pleas

New music: A Place in Him, plus fresh tunes from Jaci Redlin

Shalom, fine Chavah fans! New Messianic music from 2 artists, both of whom sent me their music without prompting, asking that their music for the Lord be sent to your ears via Chavah Messianic Radio: Tamrah Aeryn-Alexander – A Place in Him Jaci Redlin – Princess of Yah You can purchase their music here: A Place in Him Princess of Yah Thanks, Tamrah and Jaci! Fine Chavah fans, I hope you enjoy these fresh tunes for Messiah.

New music: Diane Stough – A Voice Cries Out

Fine Chavah fans, for your listening pleasure, we’ve just added Diane Stough’s music to the station: Diane Stough – A Voice Cries Out Diane was kind enough to send us her music for play on Chavah. I think you guys will like what you hear! You can purchase her album here . (Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!)