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New music: Brayden & Tali Waller - Extravagant Love

Shalom dear Chavah listeners, Fresh new Messianic music on the station for your enjoyment and edification: Brayden & Tali Waller - Extravagant Love I’ve worshiped with Brayden & Tali for a few years now over at Proclaim Hebraic Music Fest , and I’ve come to really love this family their beautiful music. Here’s a bit about this new album: This album has been in the making since Brayden was 18 years old and wrote “Love in your Eyes” a song featured in his family’s documentary “A Journey Home”. Drawing from the story of Mary of Bethany the title song “Extravagant Love” calls us to a life of complete devotion to God. This collaborative effort by Brayden and Tali Waller brings a message of purity of heart and clarity of purpose. Songs like “Noah, Daniel, and Job” speak to the desperate condition of the world today, while “It Is Good For A Man” and “Purity Of Heart” give words and melody to a desire to live out a life in stark contrast to the world. “Anna’s Song” reminds u

You donated $716 to Messiah's musicians in August

Shalom Chavah listeners, As part of Messiah’s Music Fund , you all have donated $716 to Messiah’s musicians in August. Honestly, I’m just grateful every month seeing how much you all give. Thank you so much. All the money goes to the Messianic artists you hear on Chavah. Thank you for making this good work possible. ♥ Here are the exact figures: $536 in monthly donations - from 52 individuals who donate monthly to Messiah’s Music Fund $80 in one-time donation from Donald & Bonnie B. $100 from myself Since Messiah’s Music Fund began in August 2020, you fine listeners have donated $22,336 to Messiah’s musicians . Thank you for blessing Yeshua’s musicians, fine Chavah fans. ♥ As a reminder, we distribute funds to the artists based on the number of times an artist’s songs are played on Chavah. Artists whose songs play more often on Chavah receive more financial support. We distribute funds once they reach a total $10 threshold. Here are the raw numbers for August 2022, ord