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New music: Lev Shelo - Dry Ground

Shalom fine Chavah fans. We’ve added some fresh new Messianic music to the station for your holy pleasure: Lev Shelo - Dry Ground Lev Shelo describes this new album: “Dry Ground”, the third Lev Shelo release in 6 years, is a beautifully written, performed, mixed and mastered project, highlighting the band’s growing skills as musicians and songwriters. Of the twelve songs featured, nine were written by founding members, Mark Keller and Corry Bell, and highlight their own personal experiences in their travels, their lives and worship of our King all over the world. The title, “Dry Ground”, captures the reality of living in our world today; sometimes a very dry and barren place of loneliness, suffering and despair. In the midst of all this, God is there to love, restore and rescue us through faith in His son, Yeshua (Jesus), the messiah of the world. Through personal tragedy of her own, Corry has penned two power ballads to the musical genius of Mark’s compositions. These songs, a

New music: Robby Cummings - Long Long Road

Shalom friends, We’ve added new, beautiful music to the station: Robby Cummings - Long Long Road This is Robby’s first album on Chavah. I came across his music through Proclaim Hebraic Music Festival, and after speaking with Robby, he agreed to let us play his music on Chavah. A bit about Robby: Robby is an anointed singer/songwriter and musician whose call is to lead worship. With an overwhelming sense of adoration, Robby will bring you into the presence of the Father where healing, restoration, peace, and joy flow freely. For believers with ears to hear, Robby ignites a passion for the secret place of the Most High God. For those whose hearts may have grown cold or distant, Robby’s voice rings with a holy calling of the Spirit, crying out, “come back home.” Robby and his band minister to God’s people through inspirational song, instrumental spontaneity and the spoken word. Robby’s Native American ancestry has also impacted his music and ministry. With Cherokee lineage on his