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New music: Avner & Rachel Boskey – Dry Bones Boogie

Shalom, Messianic music fans. The Israeli couple Avner & Rachel Boskey have released their new album, and we’ve begun playing it on Chavah Messianic Radio: Avner & Rachel Boskey – Dry Bones Boogie Avner & Rachel Boskey are respected Messianic musicians who have been laboring in movement for decades. Dry Bones Boogie is their 5th album. Their current albums are all highly ranked on Chavah, including much-beloved hits like Ancient Gates , Remove the Veil , Save Your People , and many others. If you enjoy their music, please support their ministry in Israel by purchasing their music . The new Dry Bones Boogie album is $10 for digital download, or $18 for CD. Thanks guys! Enjoy the music for Messiah.

New music: Marty Goetz – Psalm Enchanted Evening

Shalom, Messianic music fans. We’ve added a new album to Chavah Messianic Radio: Marty Goetz – Psalm Enchanted Evening You may have heard a few songs from this album on Chavah before; we’ve had 5 of the songs from this album playing on Chavah since the early days. But now we have the full album, including 16 songs performed live with orchestra. And we’ve updated the existing songs to use the new high-quality audio. Please support Marty and Jennifer Goetz ; years ago they were gracious enough to allow us to play their music on occassion on Chavah Messianic Radio. I know thousands of listeners love Marty’s music; so please show it by purchasing their music. Without us buying their music, no music can be produced, and no service to Messiah can be carried out. You can purchase their music over at .