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New music: Hebron – For Such A Time As This

Fine Chavah fans, we’ve got some brand new music. It’s about time, isn’t it? We have a special treat for you all. Helen Shapiro – the Jewish Christian artist who once opened for the Beatles – teamed up with Chrissy Rodgers and Simon Elman to form a new group, Hebron. They’ve released their first album entitled For Such A Time As This. Hebron – For Such A Time As This Helen Shapiro has 2 albums played on Chavah today, and Chrissy Rodgers was an early member of the 1970s Messianic music group, The Star of David Singers. These seasoned Messianic musicians produced something really beautiful for the Lord. You can purchase the new album over at MannaMusic . It’s also available on iTunes . (Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!)