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New feature: lyrics, genre, tags, and more

It's almost shabbat! And Chavah's got a fun new feature to show you: You can now view lyrics, genre, tags, thumbs -up and -down, community rank standing , and more, for any song on Chavah! To do this, click the currently-playing song name: Instantly, Chavah will tell you everything she knows about this song: Enjoy!

Vintage Messianic albums on Chavah

Looking for some vintage Messianic songs from the early days? Here are some classic albums produced by the early pioneers of Messianic music: 1973: Lamb - Lamb I 1974: The Star of David Singers - Shout for Joy 1974: Lamb - Lamb II 1976: Lamb - Lamb III 1978: Lamb - Songs for the Flock 1979: Kol Simcha - Sound of Joy Enjoy these vintage tunes for Messiah, fine Messianic music lover!

New music: B’nai Shalom – Return of the King

Roll out the tunes for Messiah! Now playing on Chavah Messianic Radio: B'nai Shalom Praise Team - Return of the King This is a nice album with some classic familiar songs and some new ones. Recorded live during the Feast of Tabernacles! Enjoy, fine Chavah fans! Give it a listen: I hope you fine Chavah fans enjoy this album created live during one of the feasts of the Lord. Enjoy!