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New music: Yuval Arts Worship Center – Panai El Adonai (My Face Toward Adonai)

An early shabbat shalom, Chavah fans. We’ve got new music lined up on Chavah for your edification: Yuval Arts Worship Center – פני אל אדני Panai El Adonai (My Face Toward Adonai) This is a live album from Messianic artists in Israel, recorded just before the High Holy Days in 2017. The album artists describe it like this: In the weeks before the High Holy days, Jewish people across Israel and around the world recite Slichot, prayers and poems beseeching the God of the universe to hear and forgive. On Tuesday, September 26, 2017, four days before Yom Kippur, more than 800 believers from across Israel gathered together for a special concert, “Panai El Adonai” (My Face Toward the Lord). We joined together at the Pavilion in Jerusalem to worship the God of Israel through original and traditional songs of worship based on Scripture and other ancient writings. Together we interceded for the salvation of the people of Israel. Awesome! I think you all will enjoy this beautiful new