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New music: Kol Simcha – Let God Arise

Yet more new music to roll us into 2016: vintage Messianic music newly added to Chavah Messianic Radio today. The classic Messianic music group Kol Simcha of the 1970s have inspired many Messianic musicians today, and their songs have been covered numerous times.Today, we add one of their later albums, the 23 year old album entitled Let God Arise.Kol Simcha – Let God AriseEnjoy the new music, fine Messianic music fans!

New music: Christopher Mann – Or (Light)

Shalom, Messianic music fans.Before 2015 comes to a close, we’ve added a brand new album to the station:Christopher Mann – Or (Light)
This is a brand new album released just the other week. Christopher generously sent the album to us for play on Chavah Messianic Radio – hallelu, thanks Christopher!This is Christopher’s second album on Chavah. His first album, Keren Yeshua (Horn of Salvation), has been very well received, with several songs ranked highly by you Chavah fans.Fine Chavah fans, would you bless Christopher by purchasing his album? This supports Messiah’s musicians, and I believe it’s encumbent on us to do so as a mitzvah to further God’s kingdom. Blessings to Christopher for contributing his music on Chavah, and blessings to you, fine Chavah fans, for supporting him by purchasing his music.

Chavah..and Christmas music?

Shalom, folks. I received an email from Chavah listener Marie G. this week. She heard a song that started off in Hebrew…then ended in a Christmas song! The song she heard was Marty Goetz - Maoz Tzur / Hark the Herald Angels Sing. It’s a traditional Hanukkah song, Maoz Tzur, blended with the old hymnal, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, the familiar old Christmas hymn. In her letter, which was respectful and reasoned, Marie told me, “…it is difficult to be apart from the world during Christmas time…please don’t play Christmas music on Chavah.”She’s not the first person to tell me this. Every year, it seems, I get letters from folks saying that. The truth is, I’m not playing Christmas music on Chavah. Rather, there are some songs on Chavah that contain music we associate with Christmas, but by themselves contain nothing objectionable. For example, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is associated with Christmas, but in itself is a Biblical plea for Messiah’s return. It’s opening lines petition God…

Giving Thanks: David W.

Listener David W. writes in,I just wanted to drop you a brief line, to tell you how Chavah Messianic Radio has been encouraging me recently.As you know my college hasn't been a very easy time, and things aren't really improving that much.  Most of the time I'm very stressed, having trouble sleeping, which doesn't help when I'm taking exams.  I'm always telling God that I can't take any more, and all that seems to happen is that I get pushed harder.  But I always knew that God was there.I recently discovered the singers Lenny & Varda Harris on your station, and on Monday night, I was skipping through a few of the songs of theirs that you had.  I as looking for The Wilderness Song, as when I heard it last it seemed to mirror how I was feeling but promised that God would restore me. While looking I found another one, which helped me even more.  It was a Lenny & Varda Harris song again, it's called I
, and I think it's about the marriage vows b…

New music: Adalya - No Other God, Raise a Song

Two new albums on Chavah today contributed by the artists themselves: Gannon & Rebekah McGee, comprising the music group Adalya:Adalya – No Other GodAdalya – Raise Up a SongThe group features a soft and sweet female vocal set to the words of Scripture. I think you fine listeners will enjoy this peaceful music for the Lord.You can purchase their music over at CDBaby.

New music: Curt Oxford - Yeshua

Shalom, fine Chavah fans. Yet more new music this week, this time contributed by the artist himself.Curt Oxford – YeshuaWe’re grateful to you, Curt, for your service to Messiah and your contribution to Chavah Messianic Radio.Fine Chavah fans, you can purchase Curt’s music here. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians.

New music: Leorah - Ketz Ha Yamim

Shalom, Messianic music fans. I’ve got some fresh new music contributed by a musician who also happens to be a Chavah Messianic Radio fan. Two new albums from her:Leorah – Ketz Ha YamimAnd her second album:Leorah – A Covenant Place
Leorah writes,Shalom from Australia, I was looking for some Messianic songs to play today and came across your site which has really caught my attention and wow! How wonderful to be able to avail of such worship songs. Would you be interested in the two albums I have been "given" to write and produce & sing? I have sheet music as well. There are two albums given to me at the ages of 60 & 65 (I am still singing) They are named 'Ketz Ha Yamim" & "A Covenant Place" Love to know what kinda feedback you get from listeners. Ketz ha Yamim was written under my stage name of Ricci Carr. However our Heavenly Father bid me return to my birth name of Lorraine (Leorah) for His Scriptural work. it has all been given for these …

New music: Micha’el Ben David – Hope & The Spirit of Grace

Here is something to increase your joy this shabbat. New music from our holy brother in Israel: Micha'el Ben David - Hope & The Spirit of Grace
Veteran Chavah fans know that Micha’el Ben David’s music is some of the highest ranked on Chavah. In fact, at the time of this writing, his song Sh’ma Yisrael is the #9 highest ranked song of all the music on Chavah, weighing in at a cool +601. This new album, I believe, will likewise be a hit with you fine listeners. So much joy on this album! From songs like El Shaddai Mi Kamocha – which has become a classic song we sing at my congregation – to psalms that uplift like Ivdu Et HaShem, I consider Hope & The Spirit of Grace to be one of the best albums Micha’el has put for to-date.Micha'el is a light for Messiah in the Holy Land and in the nations, and a personal friend of mine. Please support Messiah's musicians by purchasing his new album at you, and enjoy the music for the Lord!

New music: Sarah Liberman – Lefanecha

Shalom, fine Chavah fans. We’ve got some truly beautiful new music for the Lord, straight from the Holy Land to your eager ears.Sarah Liberman – Lefanecha (I Am Before You)Sarah is an Israeli believer who has produced a worship-filled work of beauty for the Lord through songs in both Hebrew and English.Her album is soft and beautiful, reverent and sung sweetly, piano-heavy, a fragrant offering of worship. Composed of original music plus beautiful renditions of contemporary Christian worship. The songs are positively beautiful and uplifting, and, as I hear it, Liberman’s heartfelt worship comes out in the music for the glory of the Father. Hallelu!I know you guys will really enjoy Sarah Liberman - Lefanecha! Please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing her music at SarahLiberman.comAre you interested in supporting Messiah’s musicians in Israel? Sarah Liberman felt the Lord pulling on her to distribute 1,000 CDs to unbelieving homes in Israel through her ministry to the poor. She is…

New music: Ben Tzion and Tali Waller – Psalms of Ascent

Shalom, Messianic music aficionados! Time for some new music, nu?We’ve added to Chavah Messianic Radio a beautiful album by a Messianic couple living in the holy land: Ben Tzion and Tali Waller – Psalms of Ascent

Ben Tzion and Tali describe the new album like this:Shortly after our daughter Yael was born, we put Psalm 133 to music, and that was the beginning of this journey. Over the next two years our journey brought us to Jerusalem for several months. There is a spiritual depth to Jerusalem that sets it apart from every other city in the world. As we walked its ancient streets and met its many faces, we began to understand why David’s heart was drawn to this city. As our hearts grew closer to this holy place, these Psalms began to take on a more significant meaning. We continued working on the Psalms, at the same time realizing the importance of singing them in their original language. “We began to understand why David’s heart was drawn to this city…” The Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120…

Please help Rabbi Ed Rothman

Shalom, folks. Do you believe disciples of Yeshua should help other disciples? A friend, rabbi, and disciple of Yeshua needs our help: Ed Rothman is a friend, a leader of the Messianic movement who has labored for 33 years (!) as founder and rabbi of Seed of Abraham, one of the oldest Messianic congregations in the US. I've attended his congregation numerous times and have been blessed time and again. 33 years of service to the Messiah and the Messianic community, and now is his hour of need. I'm asking you to donate if you're able: donate here. Thank you for your consideration and generosity in helping disciples of Yeshua. An early shabbat shalom to you all.-Judah from Chavah Messianic Radio

New music: Joshua Aaron – Hu Yavo

Shalom, Chavah fans. Some brand new music coming your way from one of Chavah’s most popular artists:Joshua Aaron – Hu Yavo (He Will Come)Joshua Aaron has produced some of the most highly rated music on Chavah, with hits like You Are Holy (+202), Salvation Is Your Name (+144). I think you fine Messianic music lovers will really enjoy his new album!And if you do, please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Joshua Aaron’s new album over at Todah rabah!

New music: Leonardo Díaz – Cordero

Yet more new music on Chavah. This time, a Spanish Messianic album from our friend Leonardo Díaz, from Lion and Lamb Ministries:Leonardo Díaz – Cordero (Lamb)You can get his music over at (Thanks for supporting Messiah’s artists and musicians!)

New music: Ted Pearce & Cultural XChange – Jerusalem Sessions

One of the most popular Messianic musicians, whose music is perhaps the most highly rated of all musicians on Chavah – Mr Ted Pearce – has just released a new LP, the 6 song album entitled Jerusalem Sessions.Ted has been laboring for the Lord for decades now through music, ministry, support for the Jewish people, Holocaust remembrance and marches…the man is a bonifide servant of the Most High. He told me these new songs are his best work yet. I know you’re going to love them, fine Chavah fans!I think it’s incumbent on us, the Messianic laypersons and servants of God, to support our leaders and musicians. Please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Ted’s music here. Alternately, click the “heart icon” on Chavah, which will take you to Ted’s music site:Toda rabah, disciples of Yeshua. Enjoy the fresh music for Messiah!

Giving thanks: David W.

Just got this message of thanks from David W. Really encouraging!Shalom Judah
My name is David W. and I live in the UK.  Although you don't know me, I'm writing this with your station Chavah Messianic Radio playing in the background.  I'm not actually supposed to write with it playing, because I'm totally blind and partially deaf.  This means I'm supposed to listen to my computer's speech system, and it's not always a good idea to do this with Music coming out of the speakers at the same time, but I'm afraid it's pretty irresistible. I wanted to write, and tell you how much I love listening to your radio station.  I came across it by accident two days ago, when I was looking for a messianic dating website.  Yes I know that sounds incongruous, but the only website I found didn't' work, so out of frustration I gave up and googled Messianic Music, and found your website.   It is wonderful, both because when I entered it, the music started playin…

New music: Hebron – For Such A Time As This

Fine Chavah fans, we’ve got some brand new music. It’s about time, isn’t it?We have a special treat for you all. Helen Shapiro – the Jewish Christian artist who once opened for the Beatles – teamed up with Chrissy Rodgers and Simon Elman to form a new group, Hebron. They’ve released their first album entitled For Such A Time As This.Hebron – For Such A Time As ThisHelen Shapiro has 2 albums played on Chavah today, and Chrissy Rodgers was an early member of the 1970s Messianic music group, The Star of David Singers.These seasoned Messianic musicians produced something really beautiful for the Lord.You can purchase the new album over at MannaMusic. It’s also available on iTunes. (Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!)

New music: The Olive Green – Breaking Ground

Shalom, Chavah fans. It’s about time for some brand new music, wouldn’t you say? Consider it a gift to increase your Pesach joy. :-)The Olive Green – Breaking GroundWe’ve long had their hit single on the station – King Yeshua – with a net ranking of +112 at the time of this writing; super well-liked by the international Messianic community on Chavah. I think you fine Messianic music lovers will likewise enjoy the rest of their album.Shalom, and chag sameach!

New feature: lyrics, genre, tags, and more

It's almost shabbat! And Chavah's got a fun new feature to show you:You can now view lyrics, genre, tags, thumbs -up and -down, community rank standing, and more, for any song on Chavah! To do this, click the currently-playing song name:Instantly, Chavah will tell you everything she knows about this song:Enjoy!

Vintage Messianic albums on Chavah

Looking for some vintage Messianic songs from the early days? Here are some classic albums produced by the early pioneers of Messianic music: 1973: Lamb - Lamb I
1974: The Star of David Singers - Shout for Joy
1974: Lamb - Lamb II
1976: Lamb - Lamb III
1978: Lamb - Songs for the Flock
1979: Kol Simcha - Sound of Joy
Enjoy these vintage tunes for Messiah, fine Messianic music lover!

New music: B’nai Shalom – Return of the King

Roll out the tunes for Messiah! Now playing on Chavah Messianic Radio: B'nai Shalom Praise Team - Return of the King
This is a nice album with some classic familiar songs and some new ones. Recorded live during the Feast of Tabernacles! Enjoy, fine Chavah fans!Give it a listen:
I hope you fine Chavah fans enjoy this album created live during one of the feasts of the Lord. Enjoy!

New music: Sha’arei Hashamayim – The Olive Tree

A pre-shabbat treat for you, fine Messiah music lovers: a brand new album from our friends, Sha'arei Hashamayim - The Olive Tree.These guys have had 2 of their songs on Chavah for years -- and they're well ranked. Particularly, their hit song Mashiach Ben Yosef has been highly ranked by the listeners. So we think you'll enjoy the album!Enjoy, fine Chavah fans! And an early shabbat shalom to you.

Giving thanks: Lori S.

Chavah listener Lori S. wrote something really encouraging today, friends, a true story inspired by Messiah’s music. Here’s what she had to say: I love listening to Chavah Messianic Radio. Today your station blessed a nursing home in Florida. A Jewish lady comes to the nursing home service that I attend on Wednesday. Today, she was feeling sad, and the chaplain spoke to her about the importance of her Jewish heritage. Then I suggested that we sing the Sh'ma. I knew it because I listen to it all the time via your station. Next week we are going to learn how to sing it so we can sing it regularly. After the service we encountered a new patient. I asked her if she would like to come to church next week. She said, "I don't go to church, I go to temple." I told her that I LOVED Jewish things. Then I asked her if she knew the Sh'ma. She sang it with me. Then the chaplain came by and she sang it to him too. That opened the door to a wonderful conversation between the tw…

New music: Jimmie Black - Blessing & Honor

Shalom, Chavah fans. Some new music rolling out! Jimmie Black sent us this album for play on Chavah. Enjoy!Jimmie Black – Blessing & HonorEnjoy the new music for Messiah, fine Chavah fans. And if you enjoy Jimmie’s freely given gift, return the favor by supporting Messiah’s musicians and buying his music over at

New feature: User profile

Brand new feature: User profile, i.e. Chavah tells you what she thinks of you.Check this out! Chavah is super intelligent, learning your song likes and dislikes, streaming more of the good stuff. Now you can see what Chavah thinks of your tastes and listening habits. To use this new feature:Sign-in if you haven’t yet.Click your email address in the top left:You’re done! Chavah will show you your profile, rank, statistics, the whole shebang:
Chavah will tell you what kind of songs you like, your favorite albums, your favorite artists, how long you've been a member, likes, dislikes, your overall user ranking, and more.Enjoy!