Please help Rabbi Ed Rothman

Shalom, folks. Do you believe disciples of Yeshua should help other disciples?

A friend, rabbi, and disciple of Yeshua needs our help:

Rabbi Ed Rothman is a friend, a leader of the Messianic movement who has labored for 33 years (!) as founder and rabbi of Seed of Abraham, one of the oldest Messianic congregations in the US. I've attended his congregation numerous times and have been blessed time and again.



33 years of service to the Messiah and the Messianic community, and now is his hour of need.

I'm asking you to donate if you're able: donate here.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity in helping disciples of Yeshua. An early shabbat shalom to you all.

-Judah from Chavah Messianic Radio


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