Aviad Cohen has passed away


Friends, I’m saddened to announce that Messianic musician Aviad Cohen has passed away yesterday, according to a Facebook post from his family.

I knew Aviad for many years; he contributed his music to Chavah years ago, and before that, I knew him through my younger brother when the two of them met in person by chance in Jerusalem.

Aviad produced 4 albums for God, including 3 techno albums and 1 Scripture reading album:

  1. Hooked on the Truth
  2. Firestarter
  3. Good News to Mission Control
  4. Scripturesonics Vol. 1: The Good News

Aviad’s last album, Scripturesonics, is a stirring Scripture reading album set to orchestral music. It’s my personal favorite.

Aviad made big splashes when he, as a conservative Jew and rapper known as 50 Shekel, came to belief in Yeshua as Israel’s messiah. His public conversion made him a target for anti-missionaries and Jews who considered his belief in Yeshua to be a betrayal of Judaism.

At the time of this writing, it's not clear how Aviad died. One friend says he passed away from an unknown illness, but I’ve yet to confirm this. Another friend he was struggling with mental health.

I do know that he had been struggling with psychological issues for many years, often in a very public way.

I can personally attest that over the last few years, Aviad showed signs of struggling with mental health. He deleted his whole website...and months later put it back online again. This was accompanied by newsletters saying he's disengaging with everyone...only to come back months later reinvigorated.

And this process happened multiple times over the last few years.

I believe this instability was due to his personal struggle with mental health.

Likewise, his faith seemed to ebb and flow, going through ups and downs.

I too can attest to this. Aviad for a time saw his faith in Messiah as something within the Jewish world. But overtime, he distanced himself from the Messianic movement and moved into Evangelical Christianity. Later, at times, it appeared he wasn't practicing any faith at all.

My last contact with Aviad was a newsletter he sent out in August, a purely professional announcement about his video editing services. Prior to that, in May, he had sent out a letter thanking Messianic believers for helping him:

Hi, it's Aviad Cohen. I would like to thank the handful of people who understood my prior newsletter and chose to give in order to help me. Those of you who chose action instead of just words or no response at all, well that's the difference between us and them. We're a rarity, but those of us who help are of a kind and nurturing mindset. That to me, is true Yeshua Messiah living. Yeshua took action. He didn't just sit there and judge like many believers who sit with a judging finger. He loved. He was not all talk. Again, He took action. That shows me someone's faith more than anything, their ability to take action and help. I wish more believers were like the people who cared to help me. Instead of judging me, they loved me.

I don't know all that Aviad was suffering through. I do know that he had an encounter with the living God, and it changed him, and caused him to come to believe that Jesus is the messiah. (Aviad tells the story, and bares his heart, in his song Pray.)

Aviad’s memory is a blessing to all of us here at Chavah Messianic Radio. His albums and Scripture readings continue to bless thousands. Despite his struggles and faults, I am glad to have known Aviad; I’m thankful for his life and service.

May God receive him and raise him up on the last day.

ברוך אתה ה' אלוהינו מלך העולם, דין האמת


  1. I, too, was in contact with Aviad up to the end. Unfortunately my last encounter with him was with him very high on drugs, blaspheming our L-rd and hating the cruelty of ADONAI. I continued to try to share the love of G-d with him to the end but the only love he wanted was cash. In all the time I knew him he never wanted to sit and learn, just to lead with very little he knew. I loved him like a son and will always remember the talent and joy he brought to the lives of so many. I wish I could say I would see him again but only the righteous Judge of Heaven and Earth knows that. His life has become a lesson in what not to do.

  2. I had contact with him few times via fb and messenger. His greatest problem was to find work that would pay the bills. And yes another was to find how to live how to behave how to speak how to react . Being a child in trying to “do it all what the scripture says or what I think it says” and then get into trouble by people on the street taking advantage of him, getting into religious battles about scriptures , loosing friends and possible employment because of a temper and sticking to the interpretation and belief of the moment .
    I believe he did many things right , do as we ought , and as such we can learn from that .
    On the other hand he missed the experience
    of learning from the past , learning from mistakes , learning of what the Lord shows you . But who is the one that learns of what the Lord shows him? Who is the one that has the fellowship meal with the Lord every day.
    I believe Aviad would have loved to learn from their experience !!

  3. I spoke to Aviad a few years ago when he worked for my website. He was very moody and ended up the relationship abruptly because of a minor reason.

  4. I didn't know Aviad personally,but I did purchase his songs on his website.My boys n I enjoyed all of them especially"Hook on the Truth".I'm so sadden by his death.😢😢

  5. He was full of learning.. Living..i met him once and he was so happy.. The devil attacked him greatly.. For we wrestle with principalities as I would explain to him... He was kind... But was sad about slot of things... Towards the end.. GREAT music for God... Still miss your spirit about yourself.. You ate human had your dad ups and downs.. I got busy and lost touch with you in the last year.. 50 Shekel... aka.. Aviad Cohen ..Hebrew Homie.. :)...God understands all u went thru.. See you on the Other side ..didnt I tell you King David had the best Musicians... Yeah.. That's right!

    1. Sorry about misspelled words..Avi would never allow this.. Lol

  6. So very sad. It all seems so unfair. He had such promise but unfortunately, battled demons both spiritual and in the flesh. I'm not sure that he had a support system that he could trust.
    From what I understand, one thing that really wore him down was a certain self-elevated Messianic "rabbi" who brought Aviad in to share his music and taking up a special offering for him. This "rabbi" then withheld the offering and did not fulfill his part of the agreement. Every attempt on Aviad's part to receive what was owed him was met with excuse and denial. This wore on him and crushed his trust of Messianic leaders. I often wonder if that "rabbi" ever made good on his promises or even feels the slightest bit of guilt for having cheated Aviad and possibly have contributed to his suffering and untimely death. Knowing of that man's arrogance and dishonesty causes me to doubt it very much. Only G-d knows the truth and will recompense.

    1. Yes, that is Broken Heart Muder by the Law! Even & Especially YHVH's Torah!

  7. He must have been hammered from all sides. Take a look at this hate fest: https://www.thepathoftruth.com/false-teachers/aviad-cohen.htm

    We nearly invited him over to Australia. I am sad we didn't.

    1. I was the correspondent with Aviad of what you call a "hate fest." Is it hateful to speak the truth that would have saved Aviad from the disastrous life he led as a headstrong neophyte thinking he was ready to save the world when he needed the process of salvation worked out within himself, which others here testify was the case? I would have loved for Aviad to take a minute and listen instead of attack the one trying to help him. But here we have a "loving" destroyer, Andrew in the person of Satan, whispering sweet lies in the ears of those like Aviad who desperately need the "hateful" Truth.

  8. A very talented man with a good soul, but way too giving of himself. He should not have put his music out there for free. He should not have praised martyrdom in his music. This is the dark side of his philosophy--and of Christianity in general--that I fear may have been his undoing.

  9. What a great man of G-d Aviad Cohen was. He went through what Bob Dylan did and he was a young believer and should have been protected. As a believer of some years if you weren't given an early childhood experience that settles the soul (which I did not) then it is catch up and try to piece together truth. No matter what he did the people he interacted with that had longer time in Yeshua should have had his back.

    Human beings are generally incapable of assessing someone's salvation unless they would like that done to themselves. Be careful what motives are underneath criticism.

    Sometimes I call the earth experience....Heaven Boot Camp. Everything will come out and all the chaff will be removed.

    It is all about until we meet again. Eternity will be wonderful and eternal life is a free gift.

    Thank you Aviad. for the effort that you put into your life.

  10. Thank You Aviad. I enjoy all your music and saddened you are gone from this life but that being said I rejoice I will meet you in Heaven some day. You are now FREE and safe and also singing your heart out making new wonderful music for our God and Lord and bless the heavenly host and travelers that are there finally home. Until then I will continue to listen to your music. :)

  11. Father God allowed me and my daughter to discover Avi and offer encouragement Praise the Lord Y'shua that Avi found Him and is now with Him and is at rest We look forward to seeing Avi in the presence of our Messiah. Amen :) <3

  12. Deeply saddened at the news of his passing. Fell in love with 'Hooked on the Truth' years ago, then was excited to see him in concert locally. I was getting disappointed when he wasn't doing my favorite song "Highest Mountain." Then, he did it as the encore. During the song he was running around the sanctuary sticking the mic in people's faces to try to get them to sing the song, but nobody was able to. Then toward the end, when the chorus repeats multiple times, he ran over to me, stuck the mic in my my face, and since I could sing and knew the song, we finished the song together, nailing the echoes at the end. After the concert he was in the foyer signing autographs. When he saw my friend and I, he jumped up from the table, ran over to us, threw his arms around us calling out, "my singers!" And he had a picture taken with us. That was such a blessing, and the memory I hold onto!

  13. I am truly saddened by this. Scripturesonics was amazing. He sent it to me for free. There was a time when he needed money but was ready to refuse funds when he knew that it came from someone who didn't have much money themselves. This is just one example of his good nature. He was trying to be the best believer he could be amidst a firestorm of hatred that came his way from counter missionaries and false brethren who were ruthless in attacking him. He was brave enough to take on Rabbinic Judaism and Catholic falsehoods (he was spot on and willing to suffer for our Lord: 1Peter 4). I wish that Christians would have acted more like Christians and loved him as part of the family as we are told to do in 1John3. Our judging has be full of love and best intentions. Mathew 7: When we take the speck out of someone's eye, it is loving and delicate. The eye is so tender. We should be as gentle and loving with others as we would want to be treated ourselves. I only wish I could have gotten to know him better. May God bless you and dry your tears Aviad and give you peace. You are sorely missed.

  14. I knew Aviad in college, when he was making music in his dorm room down the hall. It wasn't faith-based music at the time, nothing with lyrics, just great beats and melodies. He was always very talented.

    Aviad struggled in later years. I wanted to help him so badly, and it was scaring me that I wouldn't be able to. I was really affected by his pain. I know he struggled with mental health issues and truly wish he would have found the support that would have helped him, be it personal or medical. He really had a very, very good heart, and didn't deserve the backlash that I'd seen come at him because of his changing religious views. When I learned of his passing I was truly devastated. Aviad, I miss your good nature. You were a talented musician and photographer, and I'm sorry that the world failed you, my sweet friend.


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