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New music: Miqedem

Shalom Messianic music fans, There’s a great new Israeli band now playing on Chavah Messianic Radio: Miqedem – Miqedem I *really* love this album; in my opinion, it is breaking new ground in the Messianic genre through its eastern sound that breaks away from the common, even tired sound of Western Messianic and Christian music. It’s produced by someone who’s experienced in Messianic music: Jamie Hilsden of King of Kings Assembly in Jerusalem. Jamie’s previous work, L’Dor v’Dor, has become one of the highest-ranked albums on Chavah. I’m certain this new self-titled album by Miqedem will surpass their previous success. Miqedem's debut self-titled album is a genre-melding collection of songs taken from the Hebrew Tanach. Based out of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, Miqedem's music reflects the culture of a city caught between worlds. You can purchase the new Miqedem album for a simple $7 (yes, just seven dollars; the cost of lunch!) at the Miqedem Bandcamp page . You can also donate

Chavah v3 is here!

Big news, friends. I am glad and overjoyed to announce: The brand new version of Chavah Messianic Radio is here! This new version works better on mobile, has more awesome features, is more secure, faster, smoother, and no longer requires the now-defunct Persona service to sign in. Woo-freakin'-hoo! Chavah Messianic Radio – Even though some features are still baking – hearts, chat, a revamped profile, and sharing, to name a few – I felt it was important to release Chavah v3 now. Chavah v2, built back in 2012, was showing its age, utilizing some now-obsolete technology. This new version is a complete rewrite with brand-spankin’ new tech for the modern web – oh yes! How far we’ve come Chavah has come a very long way, fine Kineti readers. And it all started right here on the Kineti blog. Back in February 2010, I built Chavah v1 and announced it right here on the blog : The first version of Chavah, introduced back in 2010. Humble beginnings! Tha

with Chavah: Persona shut-off and the new Chavah v3

Shalom friends! Right now when you sign-in to Chavah, you’ll get a scary red message about “ shutting down”: Yikes! Some of you have asked what this means. Well, good news and bad news: The good news is : Chavah is doing great, and certainly not shutting down, of course! Chavah is more popular than ever, with several thousand listeners and a growing library of music for Messiah. The bad news is : the sign-in technology we’re using, Mozilla Persona, is shutting down. What this means is, you won’t be able to sign-in to Chavah after Novermber 30th unless we release the new version of Chavah . The new version of Chavah, Chavah v3, doesn’t use Persona, and will let you sign in with your existing email address. We’re working super hard every day trying to get Chavah v3 done before the November 30th deadline! Bottom line: Chavah will continue working no matter what. Signing-in to Chavah will stop working on November 30th. The next version of Chavah, v3, will let you s

Chavah working smoothly once again

The audio problems you all have been experiencing are fixed! We migrated off of the server that had the failing hard disk, restored audio from backup, performed several hours of hand-tweaking the files (oiy!) – but we’re back and rolling. All songs should sound perfect now – no clips, no skips. Also, album art and artist images should now be fixed now, too. If you hear any broken songs or see any broken images, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Chavah audio problems: stay tuned

*update September 19th 2016: the problem is now fixed .* Shalom, folks. Some of you may have noticed some audio files skipping or not playing at all. And also some images not showing up. This is due to a hardware failure on one of our server computers which hosts Chavah’s music and album art. On the server, one of the hard disks has failing sectors, resulting in corrupted audio files. We are working with our host to get a new server up. We envision having this fixed in the next week or so. Thanks for your patience in the meantime! -Judah and the Chavah team

New Music: Tapestry of Praise - Tikvah

Shalom, friends. We’ve got some beautiful new music on the station contributed by the artists themselves: Tapestry of Praise – Tikvah I listened to this album and found it to be some really beautiful music for the Lord. I hope you all enjoy. You can purchase the album digitally for an easy $10. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians.

New music: Paul Wilbur – Forever Good

Messianic music pioneer Paul Wilbur, perhaps the most well-known Messianic musician whose original music and covers are heard in Messianic congregations around the world, has released a new album: Paul Wilbur – Forever Good , which you can purchase over at You can now hear Forever Good on Chavah Messianic Radio. This new album contains 10 new beautiful and rich songs for the Lord. I know you guys will be blessed by these. I encourage you to support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Forever Good for $12 .

Philip Stanley Klein has passed away

Sad news, friends. Philip Stanley Klein, the Messianic Jewish musician and friend of Chavah Messianic Radio, has passed away at the age of 76 .  A few years ago, Philip had personally contributed all his music to Chavah, and his song Lord of the World  quickly became one of the top-rated songs on Chavah. Philip knew about about that, and several times spoke to me how encouraging that was that his music glorified God in a big way. In 2014, he related to me that he was struggling with cancer. Even still, he remained in good spirits, praising God. When I inquired of his health a few months back, he simply said, "I'm in the Lord's hands!" Philip's music inspired numerous Messianic artists over the years. As recently as last year, his beautiful ballad When I Worship You  inspired both a cover song and album of the same name from Jonathan Settel. The words to Philip's hit song apply fittingly here: "When I worship you All my fears are gone Every

New music: Navi - Where We Are

Shalom, Chavah fans. We've got some new indie Messianic Jewish music on the station. I hope you give it a listen: Navi - Where We Are   This is the debut album for Navi with all songs written and performed by Yudit Lang, Kimberly Moore, Jacob Nagler, and Matthew Gliebe. Additional support was provided by various artists. Give it a listen! I hope you guys enjoy. Shalom, -Judah

New music: Ian Kalev Michaels – Process of Illumination

Shalom, fine Chavah fans. We’ve got some new music for you in the form of a new album contributed by the artist himself: Ian Kalev Michaels – Process of Illumination This is an interesting album to me. The album is rather bold, calling out sin among believers, calling out anti-Torah attitudes, calling out, as one song puts it, “neatly-tied religion.” I think this will resonate with many of you, and unsettle others. It often uses parody to point out the foolishness of dead religion. It’s a bold, unapologetic message for Messiah and Torah. I hope you fine Chavah fans enjoy.

Yom Yerushalayim – music to celebrate Jerusalem

Shalom, Chavah fans. On this day, June 7th, 1967, Israel regained the city of Jerusalem after nearly 2000 years. I blogged about it over at the Kineti blog : it’s a cause for rejoicing for Messianic believers and Christians. Messianic music reflects the locus of Zion present in the Bible; many of our songs center on Israel and Jerusalem, just as Yeshua’s own ministry did. With that in mind, here are select few favorites on Chavah that celebrate Jerusalem, the place where God has set his name forever : Barry & Batya Segal – Old City of Jerusalem Israel's Hope - Shalom Jerusalem Helen Shapiro - I Was Glad Kol Simcha - Im Eshkachech (If I Forget Jerusalem) Liberated Wailing Wall - Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim Barry & Batya Segal - O Jerusalem Happy Yom Yerushalayim, fine Chavah fans.

New music: Micha’el Eliyahu BenDavid - Watchman, What of the Night?

Shalom, Messianic music fans. I’m pleased to let you know we’ve got a great new album on the station for you all: Micha’el Eliyahu BenDavid – Watchman, What of the Night? Micha’el is a good friend of ours. (In fact, we worship with Micha’el each year in person, have known him for many years, and help run his music website . This is Micha’el’s 6th album – he’s been a long-time laborer for the Lord in Israel and in the nations. This new album is a venture into some new musical territory for Micha’el. Some songs with a jazz flair, some with a mizrahi reggae touch. Micha’el writes, “Not something would normally do, but it felt good to spread my creative wings as the writer/producer. Having achieved what we’ve accomplished with this project is very fulfilling and I am very pleased to present this to you, in the hopes of bringing in a wider audience into Hebraic Praise in the beauty of Holiness! I hope you and your whole family enjoy the CD as much as we enjoyed making it!” Chavah fa

New music: The Lumbrosos - Koveh Adonai

Shalom, Chavah fans, Judah from Chavah Messianic Radio here to let you know we’ve added some fresh new music to the station. Patrick and Christine Lumbroso – Koveh Adonai The Lumbrosos are longtime listeners and contributors to Chavah. This is their 3rd album to Chavah, and I think you’ll enjoy this new album. It’s their best work yet, in my opinion. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the Lumbrosos last year at a local Messianic congregation. They are kind people who love the Lord and are laboring for Messiah through music, writing, and traveling ministry. I hope you fine listeners will support them by purchasing their music here for $7 . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians. Patrick describes their album below. Enjoy! Many of you have already heard, worshiped and danced to some of our new songs and have asked when these new songs will be available. We are looking forward to recording so we can share them with others.  We hope to get to the studio sometime in 2016 to p

New music: Melody Joy - The Beginning

Enter into shabbat with some brand new music on Chavah Messianic Radio: Melody Joy - The Beginning The young and upcoming artist has produced some truly beautiful music for Messiah, and she reached out to us to contribute her music to Chavah Messianic Radio. I think you'll enjoy, and I think it'll bring some extra joy this shabbat. Please support Messiah’s musicians. You can encourage Melody Joy to produce good fruit for the Lord through her music by purchasing her new album at An early shabbat shalom, fine Chavah fans.

New music: Avner & Rachel Boskey – Dry Bones Boogie

Shalom, Messianic music fans. The Israeli couple Avner & Rachel Boskey have released their new album, and we’ve begun playing it on Chavah Messianic Radio: Avner & Rachel Boskey – Dry Bones Boogie Avner & Rachel Boskey are respected Messianic musicians who have been laboring in movement for decades. Dry Bones Boogie is their 5th album. Their current albums are all highly ranked on Chavah, including much-beloved hits like Ancient Gates , Remove the Veil , Save Your People , and many others. If you enjoy their music, please support their ministry in Israel by purchasing their music . The new Dry Bones Boogie album is $10 for digital download, or $18 for CD. Thanks guys! Enjoy the music for Messiah.

New music: Marty Goetz – Psalm Enchanted Evening

Shalom, Messianic music fans. We’ve added a new album to Chavah Messianic Radio: Marty Goetz – Psalm Enchanted Evening You may have heard a few songs from this album on Chavah before; we’ve had 5 of the songs from this album playing on Chavah since the early days. But now we have the full album, including 16 songs performed live with orchestra. And we’ve updated the existing songs to use the new high-quality audio. Please support Marty and Jennifer Goetz ; years ago they were gracious enough to allow us to play their music on occassion on Chavah Messianic Radio. I know thousands of listeners love Marty’s music; so please show it by purchasing their music. Without us buying their music, no music can be produced, and no service to Messiah can be carried out. You can purchase their music over at .

New music: Sons of Korah – Live Recordings Vol. 2

Shalom, folks. We’ve added some new music to Chavah Messianic Radio, and you’re really going to enjoy this one: Sons of Korah – Live Recordings Vol. 2 I’m continually amazed by the skill and devotion these guys have in their music for the Lord. And I can’t help but applaud their holding to the raw and untouched psalms in all their broad array of emotion. Few artists can claim the same. Enjoy their music, and please support them by purchasing their music over at

New music: Lynne McDowell - Shamash

Shalom, folks. We’ve got brand new music on Chavah contributed by the artist. Lynne McDowell - Shamash Lynne is a friend of the station, a favorite artist of many Chavah fans, and a contributor to our sister site, . Shamash is her 3rd album on Chavah, and I think it’s her best work yet. She has a knack for putting together soft, heartfelt hymns. Stuff that really moves the heart towards intimacy with the Lord. Give a listen and let her know what you think. Enjoying the music? Support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing her new album for an easy $0.99/song .

New music: Estep - Good Medicine

Yes, even more new music, my fine Messianic music loving friends. Contributed by the artists themselves, we’ve added: Estep – Good Medicine This is not some dubious pseudo-medical tincture, mind you, but something straight from God’s mouth: a joyful heart does good like a medicine (Proverbs 17:22). I hope you enjoy a healthy dose of this good medicine, fine Chavah fans! And if you do, please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Good Medicine for name your own price .