with Chavah: Persona shut-off and the new Chavah v3

Shalom friends!

Right now when you sign-in to Chavah, you’ll get a scary red message about “ shutting down”:



Some of you have asked what this means. Well, good news and bad news:

  • The good news is: Chavah is doing great, and certainly not shutting down, of course! SmileChavah is more popular than ever, with several thousand listeners and a growing library of music for Messiah.
  • The bad news is: the sign-in technology we’re using, Mozilla Persona, is shutting down.

What this means is, you won’t be able to sign-in to Chavah after Novermber 30th unless we release the new version of Chavah. The new version of Chavah, Chavah v3, doesn’t use Persona, and will let you sign in with your existing email address.

We’re working super hard every day trying to get Chavah v3 done before the November 30th deadline!

Bottom line:

  • Chavah will continue working no matter what. Smile
  • Signing-in to Chavah will stop working on November 30th. Crying face
  • The next version of Chavah, v3, will let you sign in using your email address, without using the dying Persona service. Hot smile
  • We’re scrambling to finish Chavah v3 before November 30th, so that you’ll still be able to sign in.Party smile

Please pray for us in getting Chavah v3 done! We think it’s an awesome version with some super cool new features and social interactions that amplify Messiah and his music.

We’ll have another post here in a week or two to get an update on the status of the new Chavah v3 as the November 30th deadline approaches.


  1. With this new version, will our existing music saves going to remain or will we lose them?

    1. Your existing music saves will remain.

      Just sign in with the same email address you're using now.

  2. I just ran across this site tonight....WHAT A HUGE BLESSING! I would like to suggest....ok, I am an alumni of Last Days Ministries...fair enough to say there is some bias.... but still, I would love to see Keith Green included in your selection. He was Jewish by ancestry, and most definitely a "Messianic Jew".....

    1. I love Keith Green. I'd be delighted to add his music to the station, provided his wife (and any copyright holders) permit.

  3. Here listening on Dec.1 - am I listening to "Chavah 3"? Do I need to sign out and then sign back in, or is all well as it is (it sounds as great as ever, BTW)?

    1. Chavah 3 looks very different than Chavah 2. :-) You'll know it when you see it, but it is published live as of late last night. :-)


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