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You donated $793 to Messiah's musicians in September

Shalom Chavah listeners, As part of Messiah’s Music Fund , you all have donated $793 to Messiah’s musicians in September. This is a huge amount of giving you all do each week, and it’s a great work for the Lord. Thank you! All the money goes to the Messianic artists you hear on Chavah. Thank you for making this good work possible. ♥ Here are the exact figures: $529 in monthly donations - from 51 individuals who donate monthly to Messiah’s Music Fund $66 in one-time donation from Donald & Bonnie B. $200 from myself Since Messiah’s Music Fund began in August 2020, you fine listeners have donated $23,129 to Messiah’s musicians . Thank you for blessing Yeshua’s musicians, fine Chavah fans. ♥ As a reminder, we distribute funds to the artists based on the number of times an artist’s songs are played on Chavah. Artists whose songs play more often on Chavah receive more financial support. We distribute funds once they reach a total $10 threshold. Here are the raw numbers for Se

New music: Joshua Aaron - Live from the Garden Tomb

New music now playing on Chavah on this joyous Sukkot week. Joshua Aaron - Live at the Garden Tomb Joshua Aaron has become one of the biggest names in Messianic music. This new album is recorded live before a group of believers at the Garden Tomb, the traditional site of Yeshua’s burial. This new album features musical guests Aaron Shust, Shilo Ben Hod, Nizar Francis, Yaron Cherniak, and some of the finest musicians and holy worshipers from Israel. I’ve given a listen to several songs on this album and I know you fine folks will have your joy 10x’d by this beautiful work for the Lord. 😊 You can purchase this album over at . You can also donate to all musicians on Chavah via Messiah’s Music Fund . Thanks for supporting Mesiah’s musicians. Enjoy this new album for Messiah, dear Chavah fans, and have a joyful Sukkot!

New music: Ian Michaels - Kingdom Come

New music now playing on Chavah this beautiful Sukkot week: Ian Michaels - Kingdom Come   Ian describes this new album, Kingdom Come: This album was 2 years in the making containing post- “pandemic” material as well as some worship songs written over the years. It contains a variety of genres including somethings I’ve never done before on an album; a Klezmer style tune [The Shofar] and a song written in the style of a National Anthem [Farewell to Righteousness & Liberty]. My wife, Nava is featured as the female vocalist on Kingdom Come, Your Word, Zion’s Lamb, Maranatha, End of Days, and In the Light. The Bailey Family Ministry is featured as the choir at the opening and closing of Zion’s Lamb. Don’t Blame God was written by Barry Mcguire who gave me permission to record my version of this awesome tune and add it to this project. You can purchase this new album over at . You can also donate to all Messianic musicians on Chavah via Messiah’s Music Fund .

Atonement: A Yom Kippur Experience

Shalom dear friends, Here's beautiful Yom Kippur a cappella liturgy for this special, holy day: Beth Hallel Cantorial Choir - Kol Nidre This entire album is focused on Yom Kippur and the atonement we have in the Lord, filled with traditional liturgy sung by dear friends who love Messiah. Read more about this album . Personally, I'm using this time to talk to my family about Yom Kippur, forgiveness, and the atonement we have in Yeshua. I'll be spending a good deal of time in prayer and in the Word. May you all have a holy and meaningful Yom Kippur, friends.