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New music: Joshua Aaron – Hu Yavo

Shalom, Chavah fans. Some brand new music coming your way from one of Chavah’s most popular artists: Joshua Aaron – Hu Yavo (He Will Come) Joshua Aaron has produced some of the most highly rated music on Chavah, with hits like You Are Holy (+202) , Salvation Is Your Name (+144) . I think you fine Messianic music lovers will really enjoy his new album! And if you do, please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Joshua Aaron’s new album over at . Todah rabah!

New music: Leonardo Díaz – Cordero

Yet more new music on Chavah. This time, a Spanish Messianic album from our friend Leonardo Díaz, from Lion and Lamb Ministries: Leonardo Díaz – Cordero (Lamb) You can get his music over at . (Thanks for supporting Messiah’s artists and musicians!)

New music: Ted Pearce & Cultural XChange – Jerusalem Sessions

One of the most popular Messianic musicians, whose music is perhaps the most highly rated of all musicians on Chavah – Mr Ted Pearce – has just released a new LP, the 6 song album entitled Jerusalem Sessions . Ted has been laboring for the Lord for decades now through music, ministry, support for the Jewish people, Holocaust remembrance and marches…the man is a bonifide servant of the Most High. He told me these new songs are his best work yet. I know you’re going to love them, fine Chavah fans! I think it’s incumbent on us, the Messianic laypersons and servants of God, to support our leaders and musicians. Please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Ted’s music here . Alternately, click the “heart icon” on Chavah, which will take you to Ted’s music site: Toda rabah, disciples of Yeshua. Enjoy the fresh music for Messiah!

Giving thanks: David W.

Just got this message of thanks from David W. Really encouraging! Shalom Judah My name is David W. and I live in the UK.  Although you don't know me, I'm writing this with your station Chavah Messianic Radio playing in the background.  I'm not actually supposed to write with it playing, because I'm totally blind and partially deaf.  This means I'm supposed to listen to my computer's speech system, and it's not always a good idea to do this with Music coming out of the speakers at the same time, but I'm afraid it's pretty irresistible. I wanted to write, and tell you how much I love listening to your radio station.  I came across it by accident two days ago, when I was looking for a messianic dating website.  Yes I know that sounds incongruous, but the only website I found didn't' work, so out of frustration I gave up and googled Messianic Music, and found your website.   It is wonderful, both because when I entered it, the music started p