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New music: Michelle Gold - Who Will Go?

Shalom fine Chavah fans, We’ve rolled out some fresh new music to brighten your Sabbath joy: Michelle Gold – Who Will Go? Michelle has a storied past as a Jewish believer in Yeshua. She toured with the old Liberated Wailing Wall music group from Jews for Jesus in years past. She is now an independent artist and  has produced a few albums of her own. This is the first of which on Chavah, and it’s a bit of a different taste than our usual music: her songs come some storytelling, retakes on classic songs (e.g. The Prayer ), duets, as well as some fresh originals. In all the songs, Gold’s soft, beautiful vocals shine through. I think you fine Chavah fans will enjoy. You can purchase Michelle’s music over at . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, fine Chavah fans. An early Shabbat shalom to all of you.

New feature: Alert me of new music on Chavah

Shalom Chavah fans, We’ve rolled out a new feature on Chavah: new music alerts . With new music alerts, you can get notifications on your desktop or phone whenever new music is added to Chavah – even if Chavah isn’t running. To try it out, Click the profile/menu button in the top right Click “Alert me of new music” (Note: Don’t see “Alert me of new music”? That means your device doesn’t support it. This feature relies on a relatively new web standard called push notifications , and some devices – including iOS at the time of this writing – don’t support it yet. A future version of iOS will support them.) Once you click “Alert me of new music” , your browser will ask you to allow Chavah to send you notifications: Click Allow – and you’re done! Within a few seconds, you’ll receive your first notification, letting you know that you’re subscribed and will receive notifications about new music on Chavah: You can change your notification settings anytime by going to My Profile : Give it a s

Ted Pearce needs your help

Shalom Chavah fans, Messianic musician Ted Pearce needs your help. He’s putting together a new album, Songs of the Rabbi, featuring songs penned by Messianic Jewish rabbis. What a holy thing – I can’t wait to hear it. But he needs your help – can you chip in ? Ted Pearce music  graces our congregations and is among the top-ranked music on Chavah (he has 8 songs in the top 70 ranked songs on Chavah!). He’s given, given, and given some more. Hundreds of thousands of people have been blessed and ministered to through his music. Now, will you give back? Even a few dollars would go a long way. You can donate here . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, holy friends!

New music: Marty Goetz & Misha – Live from Jerusalem

Shalom holy friends, and a happy 2019 to you all. We’ve begun playing some beautiful new music from the holy land on Chavah: Marty Goetz & Misha – Live from Jerusalem This is a new album, a live performance recorded in Jerusalem with Marty Goetz and his daughter Misha Hoyt. Chavah Messianic Radio is proud to have financially supported the creation of this work. I encourage you to watch the stirring performance , it’s uniquely beautiful and memorable. You fine Chavah fans will enjoy. You can support Marty Goetz by purchasing this new work over at . Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, fine Chavah fans.