New music: Michelle Gold - Who Will Go?

Shalom fine Chavah fans,

We’ve rolled out some fresh new music to brighten your Sabbath joy:

Michelle Gold – Who Will Go?

Michelle has a storied past as a Jewish believer in Yeshua. She toured with the old Liberated Wailing Wall music group from Jews for Jesus in years past. She is now an independent artist and  has produced a few albums of her own. This is the first of which on Chavah, and it’s a bit of a different taste than our usual music: her songs come some storytelling, retakes on classic songs (e.g. The Prayer), duets, as well as some fresh originals. In all the songs, Gold’s soft, beautiful vocals shine through.

I think you fine Chavah fans will enjoy.

You can purchase Michelle’s music over at Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, fine Chavah fans. An early Shabbat shalom to all of you.


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