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New music: Lev Shelo - Proclamation

And yet more new music still. We’re stoked, thrilled, positively joyful in the Lord that popular artist Lev Shelo has contributed their new album, Proclamation, for play on Chavah: Lev Shelo – Proclamation Lev Shelo is one of the most popular artists on Chavah, virtually all their songs are ranked +50 or higher by the international Messianic community on Chavah. Can’t wait to listen through their new album – from the bits I’ve heard so far, it’s going to top even their last album. If you like the music, support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing the album for $9.99 instant download or $15 for the CD. Shalom, disciples of Yeshua and Messiah music lovers.

New music: Jaymie Bellet

Shalom, Chavan fans, We’ve got some brand new music for you. Messianic Jewish believer Jaymie Bellet has contributed her 2 albums to Chavah. She writes, “I would be happy to send you a copy of both my CDs (I say 'mine' but they're His actually). I would be honored to be on Chavah in such great company (Faith Yesner from Kol Simcha is a friend of mine. In a completely true and comic circumstance, we both played nuns in a local production of the Sound of Music, years ago. Messianic Jews in habits - how often does THAT happen?)” Awesome! Thanks, Jaymie. Her tunes come in the form of 2 albums for the Lord: Jaymie Bellet – No One Ever Spoke Like This Man : And a new album, Jaymie Bellet – The Dedication : Todah, Jaymie. And fine Chavah fans, if you enjoy her music, support her! It’s good for Messiah’s people to support Messiah’s musicians: purchase her albums from Enjoy, fine Chavah fans.

New music: Lamb - Favorites, Lamb - Come Let Us Celebrate

Lamb is perhaps the most well-known group in Messianic music, having pioneered the genre during the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and even an album in the current century. (Yes, 4 decades of music service to the Lord – hallelu!) You might say Lamb is the Beatles of the Messianic genre. (Stuart Dauermann, then, would be Elvis. :-)) On Chavah Messianic Radio, we’re please to bring Lamb’s tune to the new generation. We’ve rounded out our collection of old school classic Lamb on Chavah Messianic Radio with the additions of these 2 compilation albums: Lamb – Favorites : Lamb – The Year of Jubilee : Do you think it’s worth supporting a group that has served the Lord for 4 decades? I think so, too. Purchase their music on – thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!